NBA Finals is at the end of the month

The 2019 NBA season is about to end, and one team has already successfully won the Playoffs and secured a ticket to the Finals. The Golden State Warriors is now comfortably waiting for an opponent after sweeping the Portland Trailblazers. The question is whether it will be the Toronto Raptors or the Milwaukee Bucks that will face off with the Warriors. Are the odds in favor of the Warriors? The overwhelming response to this is yes. Bettingtop10, known for their accurate predictions and reviews of the top sportsbooks,  is among a handful of Sites putting their money on the Warriors.

Eastern Conference Playoff standing

One side of the coin is already decided. What about the other? The Raptors and Bucks will duke it out on game six as the Raptors dominate the series at three wins to two against the Bucks. But what have fans learned so far this season?

One surprise this season in the Eastern Conference is how the Raptors were able to break years of unsuccessful Playoff attempts with the whole team stepping up in both their wins. Norman Powell has breathed new life to his game, and Kyle Lowry has been quite excellent during the entire series. Another notable performance is that of Marc Gasol who singlehandedly overcame the opponent’s solid defense.

While the Raptors have shown impressive improvements throughout the Playoffs, the same cannot be said about the Bucks. For example, Bledsoe has been playing poorly and was only in game four for a measly 20 minutes. His issues further weakened the team’s offense, and all these problems are pushing the team to bank on Georgie Hill, making it much harder for them to stop Lowry. Last Tuesday’s game did not bode well for the Bucks. Overall, they need to get better on defense and offense if they stand a chance to win against the Raptors and reach the finals.

What awaits the Warriors this season?

With only a few days to go before the Finals begin, fans and experts are torn between predicting how the odds are stacked up in favour of the Warriors. Toronto Raptors is only one win away from turning in their first appearance in the NBA finals where game six is slated for Saturday, May 25, 2019, in their home arena. But regardless of who comes up the victor in the Eastern Conference, it is still a win-win situation for the Warriors.

The Warriors will be facing an opponent coming off of an exhausting 6-game series with only a couple of days rest if the Bucks win, or only a four-day break should the Raptors prevail. The Warriors are at an advantage with a full rest of nine days from the time they won the Western Conference to the first day of the Finals. If the Warriors can get Kevin Durant and the Demarcus cousins ready by the start of the Finals, they will significantly increase their chances of gaining an advantage.

For now, let us see what happens on game 6 of the Eastern Conference and if you are betting on either of the teams, let us hope that the odds are in your favour.

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  • May 29, 2019 at 2:49 AM

    This is the best and rare chance for the raptors to win nba finals in their whole team history. They should do their best so that whatever happen, they don’t regret it. Playing in the finals is very hard to come-by so they should do their best, avoid making too much mistakes, play defense 48 minutes, and execute the play carefully.

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