Mollars Token Presale Total Surges Towards $1-Million as Ethereum (ETH) Coin Price Explodes

The Mollars Token presale (see here) has been red hot with cryptocurrency investors all of 2024.  Last month alone, over 125 million tokens were pre-sold, as investors anticipate the new Bitcoin rival’s crypto exchange [CEX] launch.  As Mollars tokens sales continue to thrive this week, now the total sum raised has exploded, thanks to the Ethereum (ETH) coin’s explosion.

If unaware, the Mollars token presale holds its initial coin offering funding in the $ETH coin, as it is to be the store-of-value token on the Ethereum blockchain.    Another way to paraphrase things — Mollars is the Bitcoin for the ERC-20 network’s 250 million wallet holders.

Mollars Founder May Be A Genius At Strategy

The Mollars founder’s choice for using the Ethereum blockchain is because it will allow the token, which is a store-of-value like Bitcoin, to operate at faster rates and lower buy-sell transaction costs than the Bitcoin blockchain itself.

Perhaps the choice to base the token presale holdings on Ethereum (ETH) was also a chess move, as the timing appears to be perfect.   Beyond the spot-EFT news expected to be announced [and approved] by May 2024, the token has gone into an impressive uptrend cycle on value.   And because Mollars ICO holdings are in Ethereum, the amount raised has increased by nearly US$100,000 in less than one week. Ethereum ($ETH) has seen a dramatic increase in value since January 25th.    The price of a single coin rose from $1,891.61 to $2,261.03 in just under 3 months. The increase of +$369.42 or +19.5% was enough to push up the total sum of funds raised in the Mollars token presale to nearly $100,000.

Token Presale Could Sell-out & Close Soon

This is great news for Mollars investors as this means the ICO is inching closer to the hard cap goal of US$2,000,000 or 4 million tokens sold.  The token presale will close and the $MOLLARS token will launch shortly after if that 2MM goal is reached.

This should be no surprise to investors who watch news on the new Bitcoin rival closely.   Mollars presale has been forecasted to end in February 2024, possibly early March by almost all crypto media outlets.

Mollars Token Predictions Range Between +2500% to +4400%
Mollars Token Predictions Range Between +2500% to +4400%

Handsome Predictions on Investment Profit Yields

Currently selling pre-CEX listing for $0.50 [cents] per token, DeFi analysts like Ari of CryptoNews and mainstream news outlet, Baltimore Post Examiner, have suggested the cryptocurrency will see an increase in value of between 25x and 44x.     In percentages, that’s +2500+ or +4400%.   

If the token’s price reached between 25x to 44x in value, the ROI yields of $1000 would be incredible. A $1K investor would see their portfolio grow between $25,000 and $44,000 in value.

The top 5 investors thus, who have bigger crypto savings than the average American’s bank account, appear to be banking on these projections.    The smallest investor of the top 5 list has bought over $3500 worth of Mollars tokens at presale prices.  The biggest investor, a crypto whale, purchased over US$16,000 worth of $MOLLARS.

These types of massive buys usually mean smart money is taking the cryptocurrency’s launch quite seriously.   Traders with higher education on investment, have made big bets on Mollars future and soon enough the results will be in.

Invest In Mollars Now or Later?

As this token presale is currently in its 4th of 6 rounds, new investors have limited time to join in on the soon-to-launch Bitcoin rival.   Learning why it’s being hailed as better than BTC and why it’s on Ethereum’s more modernized blockchain, is information that will create proper motivation for investing.

Late investors will also miss the opportunity for some of the potential profits.  Mollars tokens will increase in price by $0.05 [cents] per initial coin offering round that closes.     In the fifth round, tokens will cost investors $0.55; While in the 6th round, traders will have to pay $.60.

Regardless, all token purchases will see a chance to earn profits.  It has been revealed the new cryptocurrency’s listing price on crypto exchanges will be $0.62 [cents] at launch.  This is higher than all presale prices, a typical standard for ICO/IPO opportunities.

Token Presale Could Reach $1 Million In Value Soon

The Mollars ICO has currently raised the sum of $651,112 and is pushing swiftly towards the $700,000 milestone.  The amount of $1 million could be reached this week if Ethereum ($ETH) coin trends persist alongside strong token sales.

See the latest data on the Molllars presale via the official website —    The brand also has a secondary redirect URL, that links to the main page.  These are both official domains of the $MOLLARS project.  The secondary domain was created during the 2 days the crypto project had a dispute with a faux domain registry company.