Missouri lawmaker who called for Trump’s assassination loses committee assignments

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WASHINGTON – The Missouri lawmaker who called for President Donald Trump’s assassination on Facebook has been stripped of her committee assignments, two days after she made a public apology.

Republican Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard said in a statement on Tuesday that he supported Minority Leader Gina Walsh’s decision to remove Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nardal, a Democrat, from all of her Senate committees. He also said he is removing the veteran lawmaker from all appointments under his authority.

The state senator posted on Facebook Thursday: “I hope Trump is assassinated!” She later said she was frustrated over the recent racially charged events in Charlottesville, Va.

She quickly deleted the statement then apologized to the president, his family, his family, Missouri residents and her colleagues at a news conference at a church on Sunday, saying: “I made a mistake. And I’m owning up to it.”

But the Missouri Democratic Party and the Kansas City Star have demanded her resignation, and Missouri’s Republican governor and lieutenant governor have said the Senate should boot her from office if she doesn’t resign. Expulsion would require a two-thirds vote of the Senate.

Meanwhile, the Secret Service is investigating the senator’s post, since threatening the president is a federal crime.

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