Million Mask March looking to shake D.C.

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About 300 Million Mask  activists seeking “justice, peace and privacy,” and inspired by the hacktivist movement, descended Tuesday on Washington, D.C. Many of them wore masks.

Take that NSA! Their irreverent rally, with anti-establishment banners and flag flying, just happened to fall on “Guy Fawkes Day.”

All praise to the Brits for that one.
Anonymous at the White House. (Bill Hughes)
Anonymous at the White House. (Bill Hughes)

The demonstration started early in the morning at the Washington Monument on the National Mall. It moved northward over to Lafayette Park in front of the White House, then paraded east to the U.S. Capitol, and finally it led to a march around midtown. I first caught up with a few of the activists around 1 p.m. at Lafayette Park and then later in the day when they were parading at 13th & I Streets.

Activists wave their flags. (Bill Hughes)
Activists wave their flags. (Bill Hughes)

On their website, the activists railed about “billionaires who own banks and corporations – who corrupt politicians – who enslave the people in injustice.” They underscored that they do not support “violence” as a means of achieving their goals. They also wrote that “three out of four Americans” don’t trust the government. They cited “9/11” as one of the reasons for such deep mistrust. They also quoted Thomas Jefferson. He said: “The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it to be always kept alive.”

I got a chance to interview one of the Million Mask March activists, “Anonymous,” in Lafayette Park, just opposite the White House in Washington, D.C. He shared his thoughts with me about why he was at the demonstration. Anonymous added that there is a “global shift in consciousness taking place.” Learn more more about the Million Mask March.

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