Michael Giuffrida on How Leaders Can Improve the Success of Their Business

There is a set of business leadership skills that are common among the most successful business leaders like and anyone interested in being a great leader and having a fruitful business should pay attention to what they do because it is a blueprint for business success. You will find that each successful business leader may apply each of these factors in different amounts t different times depending on their industry and specific styles but the fundamentals remain and hold strong.

The best news for those new and rising entrepreneurs is that this information is readily available. Here is a list of some of the most critical things leaders like Michael Giuffrida do today to create the successful businesses that we all envy.

Focus on Good Communication

Good leaders know that communication is paramount to business success. Being able to communicate the company message and goals to employees, investors, vendors, strategic partners and customers sets the tone for how the company will function. The communication should be aimed to help each of these groups gain understanding but also to give them opportunities to offer input on the information communicated. When someone offers feedback and has questions or comments that are relevant, it means that they are engaged and want to get good clarification so they can participate fully. So good leaders solicit this feedback and are always prepared to make adjustments based on new information gathered during these exchanges. This dynamic process should never diminish and should blossom over time creating stronger bonds and better quality communication between all involved. Great leaders foster this type of communication.

Strike When the Time is Right

Timing is everything in business and great leaders focus on understanding when it is ie best to push things or pull back. Like a field general, they pay attention to all of the factors relating to an important decision always looking for the right moment. When it makes itself known, and his side is ready, they never hesitate to pull the trigger realizing that the opportunity may not come along again.

Be Fair

Great leaders know that playing favorites creates an unbalanced organization. Everyone on their team must feel as if they are being treated fairly and honestly or the team will not be strong. They know that there will be team members that are more valuable than others but each must be placed in an environment where they get equal treatment.

When someone on the team does not execute and criticism is required, the great leaders criticize in a way that full responsibility for the issue is given but the team member is also made to understand that the criticism is delivered to get that team member to improve for the benefit of himself and the team. This approach gets a team member who has not performed up to expectations to know that they are supported and are cared for, but they are also expected to perform well in the future.