Mi & Yu Noodle Shop expansion: Baltimore and Virginia

Mi & Yu Noodle Shop reminds me of Tampopo, a 1985 Japanese comedy of many subplots, but at its core, making that perfect bowl of slurpable ramen noodle soups and we aren’t talking those packaged dried noodles with the flavor packets.

One might call Mi & Yu Noodle Shop a Ramen—ya, where ramen is a specialty and the soups are a reflection of the chef’s culinary prowess.  Chef Edward Kim worked months perfecting and creating his own broths, his own culinary spin on the ideal bowl of ramen.  Like other Ramen-ya, this French technique trained Korean-American raised chef has melded his culture and life in each bowl of ramen. One can taste the flavors of Japan, Vietnam and Korea throughout his menu.

At the Mi & Yu Noodle Shop one can taste the flavors of Japan.

The first Mi & Yu Noodle Shop opened in the early fall 2015 in Baltimore’s Federal Hill neighborhood to great success with his selection of artisanal noodle bowls offering choices of ramen, pho and udon noodles.

The broth choices are rich in depth of flavor, umami and spices; spicy kimchi, spicy sambal duck, savory miso broth or savory Filipino adobo duck. The second Mi & Yu opened about a year later in the Mt. Vernon Marketplace. Along with the expansion, Kim permanently added his baos, steamed buns, with enticing fillings; fried curry shrimp, braised short ribs with miso glaze, adobo duck with duck jus and more.

So where next, where will the next Mi & Yu open? Hopefully, with no construction or licensing delays, by October 2017 the next noodle house will be located in Baltimore’s Rotunda complex. A new look with the roll up garage door front and offering al fresco dining. Kim is not stopping there, 2018 he will be opening in Ballston quarters in Arlington, Virginia, the contract is signed.

Mi & Yu Noodle Shop
Federal Hill:  1016 South Charles Street
Mount Vernon Marketplace:  520 Park Avenue Baltimore, MD 21201