Maryland Companies Across Different Sectors Share Growth, Events, And Business Strategies

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On April 16, the Maryland Marketing Partnership shared news from its members regarding the latest business strategies done by local businesses. The partnership was established in 2016 by Governor Larry Hogan to help boost branding and marketing efforts to attract entrepreneurs and create employment opportunities. According to the report on PRWeb, the executive director of the partnership, Tom Riford, said that Maryland is the perfect place for businesses of all sizes to grow because of its location, availability of skilled workers, reasonable startup costs, and growth opportunities. For instance, Bozzuto, a company based in Greenbelt, said that despite the health crisis it witnessed record growth in 2021, including the hiring of 1,000 workers.

Baltimore’s Eastern Watersports also announced it was expanding as it opens three new water sports locations in Maryland. Meanwhile, High Rock in Frederick confirmed that on April 13, it hosted a marketing workshop wherein top executives from Emotive Technologies explored how to create authentic interactions with customers by evaluating a brand’s emotion. If you run a small local business, understanding digital marketing methods businesses use today is key to growth and success. Keep reading to learn essential tips for marketing your local business in and around Baltimore.

Build An SEO-Friendly Website

The first thing potential customers interact with when searching for details about your brand is your business website. With this in mind, invest in a SEO-friendly website where your target audience can learn about your services and products. This step entails designing an easy-to-navigate site and creating high-quality content on trending topics within your niche.

Remember, your goal is to drive organic traffic to your site. So, perform keyword research and include the terms your target audience uses to search for products similar to what you’re offering. Also, invest in the technical aspects of SEO (search engine optimization) like optimizing page load speed, adding authoritative links, and image optimization.

Localize Your SEO

The beauty of optimizing your website for local SEO is that it gives you leverage to compete against big brands. Given local SEO targets your local customer base, it guarantees high website traffic and conversions. However, to succeed in localized search optimization, you must use the right local SEO techniques like creating a Google My Business account, encouraging customers to leave reviews, optimizing for voice search, link building, and personalization. These local signals are vital to the success of your local SEO efforts. Therefore, don’t overlook them when marketing your brand.

Use Social Media To Your Advantage

Businesses across all industries are leveraging social media because it provides many opportunities to boost growth and success. Social media marketing is affordable, guarantees reach to a large audience, and promotes business credibility. Another benefit of social media marketing is ease of use.

Note that you can market your brand via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and TikTok without outsourcing marketers if you commit time and effort to creating social media marketing campaigns. To succeed, you need to choose social media platforms where your audience spends most time engaging with brands, identify your brand voice and stick to it, and create engaging content. It’s also wise to add appealing videos and images to keep your audience engaged.

Running a small business can be stressful and no matter how good your products are, no one will notice your brand if you don’t promote it. With this in mind, invest heavily in digital marketing. Consider designing a business website and optimize it. Also, implement local SEO and leverage social media marketing.