5 Digital marketing methods most businesses use today

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The best digital marketing methods have the potential to tell the story of a business’  product or brand by using social media platforms, visual cues and interactive and engaging content.

This year alone, various digital marketing methods have grown in popularity, especially in light of the fact that so many people have resorted to shopping online and working from home. Digital marketing has thus become the one of the only ways businesses are able to recover from the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and reach their targeted audiences. In this article, we unpack five digital marketing methods that most businesses use today.  

Social media marketing 

Social media marketing focuses specifically on creating brand awareness and interactive conversations with a business’ existing and potential customers. The strength of social media marketing lies in the capability of one social media marketing campaign to be posted on several different social media platforms. In social media marketing, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc, all come into play. Social media marketing can also go a long way to build and maintain a business’ reputation by creating informative and promotional content to be released on numerous platforms. So many businesses employ social media marketing because it is one of the easiest ways to connect with their customers.   

Content marketing 

Content marketing is also one of the top digital marketing methods. Using content marketing a business is able to pursue, engage, and connect with consumers using quality content. This includes written content, live and pre-recorded video content, blog posts, infographics, and much else. The use of content marketing allows businesses to show off their authority and authenticity, create original and unique content according to various related keywords, and get personal with their customers using live and pre-recorded content like webinars. Businesses can also use podcasts and transcribed interviews to generate content on a conversational level. The possibilities of content marketing is endless which is why so many businesses use it as a marketing strategy today

Website marketing  

An increasing number of businesses are now creating company websites to use as a digital marketing method due to the rise of online shopping and e-commerce in general. Company websites are online representatives of a business. Website marketing is one of the top digital marketing methods businesses are using right now because they are direct avenues of contact to businesses. They provide customers with a full picture of the business, including company details, product or service features, customer reviews, and product or service bookings. Businesses can easily enter the world of website marketing by learning web design (to build the company website themselves) or they can hire a professional to do it for them.  

Email marketing  

Email marketing is the most cost-effective digital marketing method businesses use today. The purpose of email marketing is to retain existing customers while at the same time gain new ones. Email marketing provides customers with valuable and current information about a business and its products or services thus increasing brand awareness and encouraging repeat purchases. Email marketing works well for almost any kind of business, from retail businesses to IT companies, which is why so many businesses use email marketing to better market their business.    


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another very successful digital marketing method employed by countless businesses around the world. SEO involves a process whereby businesses improve their websites in ways that improve their ranking in search engine results of keywords or phrases that are related to the business or brand. This process is aimed at directing more traffic to a business’ website, especially from their target audience. This includes people searching for products and services a business may offer, but it also includes people searching more generally for topics related to the business. What makes SEO one of the best digital marketing methods is that it intercepts almost every person included in a business target audience regardless of whether they fall within the business’ buying funnel.

A final word:

These five digital marketing methods outlined above are the most common digital marketing channels businesses use today and for very good reason. These digital marketing methods are most capable of reaching digital audiences, targeted or not, in a time when older models of marketing are becoming obsolete.

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