Should Martin County (Florida) Sheriff William D. Snyder be re-elected?

In 2012 Major John “Ski” Pietruszewski ran for Sheriff of Martin County Florida losing to William D. Snyder, a former state legislator.

Upon taking office, newly elected Sheriff Snyder immediately made an example of Major “Ski” by demoting him to Sergeant. Then, apparently to get him out of the public eye, he assigned him to work at the shooting range, which was located far from the Sheriff’s Office Headquarters. “Ski” performed his range duties to the best of his ability until he passed away after a courageous battle with cancer.

For 30 years Major “Ski” as he was affectionately known was a well respected member of the Sheriff’s Office and admired by many colleagues and citizens. He had worked in many areas within the agency such as the Criminal Investigation Division and had been the Director of the Operations Training and Emergency Management Division and other management positions. He was a highly respected role model for his colleagues and deputies looked to him for advice and guidance.

skiOnce “Ski” had passed Sheriff Snyder decided to posthumously promote him back to the rank of Major and recommend that the shooting range be named in his honor. The Martin County Commission voted in agreement and a sign was erected with his name prominently displayed. Many citizens and MCSO deputies believe that Snyder acted only to gain political points for himself.

“Archangels of Justice” has just learned that the cost of the sign dedicating the shooting range was $2,600 and that Sheriff Snyder sent the bill for that amount to “Ski’s” widow.

Once friends and admirers learned that Snyder had sent that bill they immediately paid for the sign in full. The citizens of Martin County may want to keep “Ski” in their thoughts when voting for sheriff in the next election.