Looking for a Dating Site? Here’s How to Choose the Best (in 3 Steps)

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Want the perfect dating experience? We all do. And part of that “perfection” means finding the best sites. However, this is easier said than done. Because hundreds of dating sites exist online. So how do you weed out the best from worst? This is something we’ll help you with. Below is how to choose the best online dating sites (in 3 Steps)!

#1 – Decide If You’re Willing to Pay

Yes. Some dating sites require payment for registration. Others require you to pay for more matches.

Pay for Matches? How Does That Work?

Basically, the online dating world has a hierarchy. There are men and women who are hot and in-demand. And those get messaged multiple times a day. However, some dating sites will restrict those from you. And they’ll require you to pay to reach out to those profiles.

Should I Choose Dating Site that Requires Payment?

You can, because they come with a strong advantage. That is – tightened security. You see, scammers rarely operate on paid networks. Most scammers operate on the free sites (which almost all people use). If you want to be in a “closed club” per se, then register for a fee. However, this doesn’t guarantee a good experience. After all, you might not find your match on a paid site. Additionally, you might not even find a match that’s close to your living location! And this leads us to the next tip.

#2 – Decide on the Level of Locality.

So now you know if you’re willing to “pay for a date.” Here, you have to decide whether to date within a “certain address range.” For example, you might want to date in your town or city. Or, you might want to expand further, to a state level. You may even take it to a multi-state or international level!

Why This Matters

Long and short distance dating are different – especially online. Long distance + online dating means you might never see your date. So maybe you want to keep your expectations local. And this means to choose dating site “only for your region.”


Let’s say you live in US, California. Instead of going on an international dating site, you might look for one only for your state. So now, you’re more likely to meet your date face-to-face. You can avoid messaging endlessly without results.

#4 – Work With the Results.

By now, you should have a few dating sites to try out.

From here on, we recommend two things

  • Reading reviews.
  • Trial and error.


The best online dating sites are always reviewed. They may have as little as 1, or as many as 1000. But the point is, they have reviews that you must read. Why? Because reviews discuss user experience. And you want to know how the site affects that. You want to see potential pitfalls, like fake profiles. Even better, you want to see if a description of your ideal match is on those sites. So read many reviews. And judge (not by rating), but by the experiences, you read.

Trial and Error

Sometimes, the best dating sites are the ones you haven’t tried. You’ll rarely find the best dating site the first time. And while reading reviews helps, you’ll have to test yourself. You’ll need to register on many sites, set up profiles, and try from there.

The Advantage of Trial and Error

You get to understand how a dating site markets itself. Some have genuine marketing. Others are flashy and over-the-top (you’ll find pics of hot women by the loads there). How a site markets itself defines who it’s for. Some sites are for quick hookups. Others are for long-term relationships. Others might even be “illegal networks” – which you should see from reading reviews. The point is, when you visit a site and give it a try, you see who it works for. And you lose nothing. You simply cross a “useless site” off your list.

Final Word

The online dating game is a long one. It can take you weeks (even months) to get what you’re looking for. So don’t obsess over finding the right site the first time. Simply follow the list above, and be patient!