List of Up and Coming Entrepreneurs

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According to Asian Entrepreneur, there are about 400 million entrepreneurs all over the world. In the US alone, there are about 27 million entrepreneurs. These numbers are still expected to rise especially that the e-commerce industry has been consistently on the rise.

Starting and running a business requires a lot from a person. Not only does a person need a starting capital, but the skills and ability to keep going are also necessary to be able to thrive in any business industry.

Usually, when great entrepreneurs are asked about what it takes to be one, they would say that having the passion and genuine care for what they do is very important. Well-known entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk all started with a vision and what made them great is how they made it all happen.

If you’re thinking of being an entrepreneur, you can start with motivating yourself to take an actual step towards your goal and making your vision turn to reality. You can start by getting to know how well-known entrepreneurs have started their ventures too.

Aside from famous names like Mark Zuckerberg, Kylie Jenner, and Oprah, there are also other entrepreneurs that you may follow and find inspiring. Here is a list of up and coming entrepreneurs that will surely pique your interest.

Kevin Kwan, Crazy Rich Asians

Kevin Kwan is the author of the now popular novel entitled Crazy Rich Asians. What made this man a great entrepreneur is how he sees the worth of his work. Ultimately, his goal was to make his work hit the big screen.

It was in 2016 when Netflix offered to turn his work into a trilogy, but he politely declined. Don’t take this lightly as he actually declined a minimum of seven-figure payout. He was very determined to make it to the big screen and so he chose Warner Bros instead. What made Kevin feel that he had made the correct choice is that the film earned millions as it hit the big screens.

Cary Silverman, Waldo General Inc.

Cary Silverman is someone to watch out for as an up and coming entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Waldo General Inc. who sees the operation of King of Kash. He has already sold multiple companies in his 20 years in the financial business, and some of the companies he’s working on aside from King of Kash are Cloverleaf Holdings, Tuscan Services, and Pub-Com.

Silverman sees his business not just as a way to make money. He finds a passion for concentrating on how he can keep doing better than what has already been done yesterday. King of Kash is a financial business that caters to financial needs like student loans, personal loans, and debt consolidation.

Yuhna Kim, Simple Habit

Yuhna Kim is a former investment banker on Wall Street. It was in 206 when she decided to leave her old job and begin her journey with her own startup. She was able to successfully raise $3 million dollars from investors.

With that on her hand, she began to suffer from extreme stress to get things accomplished. Because of this, she started meditating and found how it can do wonders for her. It was when she came up with Simple Habit.

Simple Habit is an app that would help busy people like Yuhna Kim to empower themselves. This app allows you to practice mindfulness and stress. This app is designed to help you find guides on how you can meditate at any time of the day. Today, her app has more than a million downloads.

Misha Nonoo

Misha Nonoo is a fashion designer who owns a brand under her name. She started out like most fashion designers. She would design clothes and sell them, but not completely. This means she usually end up having quite an inventory of clothes by the end of the season.

Big clothing companies, of course, encounter this situation and what they mostly do is to destroy the remaining clothes. Nonoo did not like to do the same thing. She made a bold move by making her orders on-demand in 2017.

She didn’t even have a back-up plan if the change in her business didn’t work out but it did and up to now, she’s still on business, earning from her Easy 8 collection.

Andrew Paradise, Skillz

Andrew Paradise started out as a video game enthusiast and the chief executive officer of AisleBuyer LLC. That company was the first mobile self-checkout company which is now acquired by Intuit.

In 2012, Paradise founded Skillz Inc. Skillz Inc. is an online mobile multiplayer competition platform used by many apps on Android and iOs devices. Skillz now has 18 million users and It is simply popular because of how it became a platform for mobile games that are turned into eSports.

These are just a few entrepreneurs that you can find inspiring. They do have one common denominator and that is how they made passion their everything. They stuck with their goal which brought them to where they are now.