Light IT Moves in New Direction by Providing Data-Driven Business Solutions

Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine – May 13, 2020 – Light IT, one of the leading Ukrainian software development companies, moves in the Data Science direction to provide businesses of any size with even smarter solutions. The decision was made because Light IT can perfectly meet the growing demand for making data work efficiently within the changing business requirements.

The world generates more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data nowadays. As businesses tend to collect more and more data, it must be processed to bring the maximum benefit for a company. Light IT developed high expertise in data-related fields of knowledge to offer advanced analytics, data architecture solutions, prediction models, and many more other useful features for the marketing, sales, and technical needs of small, mid-sized, and large companies.

Python is the most preferred language for data science, with 54% of specialists using it in their everyday job. Previously positioned as a Python-specialized company, Light IT uses this language for data science projects. More than ten years of Python experience helps the company provide the impeccable results to clients.

Considering the newly chosen direction by the company, there are three points to highlight:

  • Light IT created a powerful team of data researchers, analysts, and architects, specialists in artificial intelligence, IoT, simulation, machine learning, deep learning, and more.

  • The company’s focus is on statistical programming languages, AI/ML libraries, and tools such as Python, TensorFlow, Hadoop, OpenCV, the SciPy stack, and many more. All of them help specialists build accurate ML algorithms, use regression, classification, and clustering techniques, work with deep neural networks, make predictive analysis, etc.

  • Besides working in the data science direction, the company also offers services of QA specialists, UI/UX designers, IT consultants, business analysts, and web and mobile developers.

Light IT sees its biggest strength in people and gathered the team of bright technical talents with the curiosity to dig deeper into clients’ businesses. We communicate with clients throughout the entire development process and apply data science to resolve real business problems. The Light IT team has already developed over 500 software projects and now helps its clients stay competitive in the data-driven business world.

 About Light IT

 Light IT is an award-winning data science company from Ukraine. Since 2006, it has been creating and improving software products for various business niches. For now, about 150 professionals of the company work together to help businesses of all sizes reach their goals. Our AI and ML solutions allow companies to move towards success in Healthcare, Retail, Education, Fintech, Travel & Transportation, Media & Advertising, etc. In 2018, Light IT was awarded as the best web, mobile, and software development agency by Upwork and included in the top five AI companies by GoodFirms. At the beginning of 2020, the company celebrated its 14th birthday.

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    Thank you for writing this blog it is informative. Developing software for data science will make it very easy for data scientists and also the knowledge of data will be increased. Learning data science will be made simple even though until now we should reach out to data science course providers. Learnbay made learning data science easy.

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