Letter to the Editor: Mosby Should Cut Deal with the Feds

Marilyn Mosby should consider accepting responsibility for her mistakes by working out a plea arrangement with the Federal prosecutors. If she continues to fight rather than work out a deal, she puts herself in great jeopardy. Two of the counts against her carry 30 year maximum sentences and the other two counts have 5 year sentences. She, more than anyone in Baltimore, should know when a prosecutor has a solid case.

Recently the judge in Ms. Mosby’s case dismissed her motions regarding bias because there was no evidence to support her claims. There was no political or racial bias. Ms. Mosby was playing to the court of public opinion and has, to date, attacked the Federal prosecutors with unsubstantiated claims of racial bias that were repeated on national cable news. That’s a low blow, unworthy of a states’ attorney for the city of Baltimore, a city that has been tormented recently by corruption in basic institutions such as the police and city hall. Ms. Mosby’s troubles only add to the perception of a dysfunctional city government.

I truly wanted Ms. Mosby to succeed but at this point, it’s not about job performance. Ms. Mosby made an illegal and costly mistake. But now her mistake is being compounded by her refusal to accept the inevitable. Her own signature and voice recordings document precisely how she violated the law. Everybody does not lie on their mortgage applications. This was a premeditated effort to illegally take advantage of the Cares Act by falsely claiming financial hardship while making $247,000 a year.

Ms. Mosby needs to take the same advice she has given out for years: Accept a plea. She needs to resign and work out a plea arrangement to admit to the lesser charges and agree to a couple of years in a Club Fed for white collar crime.

Dudley N. Thompson