Learning German through TV shows

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For you to tackle daily tasks, routine or go shopping in Germany, one thing is paramount: you have to be a fluent speaker and listener in German in order to be functional in all social situations.

Although taking professional language lessons from a top language school in Berlin is enough to efficiently improve your understanding of the language, you should also immerse yourself in the culture as much as possible. Whether you prefer listening to podcasts, watching TV shows or reading novels, there is something for every learner.

You get to learn fast!

An hour listening to live audiobooks, or watching the Loriot classic comedy keep you updated, entertained and busy as you note down new words and phrases. This keeps you on toes as you now have to work your way through a new list of words.

You can progressively learn German from the following 3 TV shows and audiobooks:

Logo Live Audiobooks

Considered as one of the top shows for kids, Logo has a huge popularity thus its effectiveness in creating relevant content. All their written articles, videos, and images are designed to explain the world’s current affairs in a way that kids can understand. It is an ideal starting point after taking German lessons.


This fictional police procedural classic drama series is an excellent German teacher as it was set in different locations of Germany: Berlin, Munich, Lucerne, and Vienna. The varying regional accents and cultural aspects help the learner to especially develop great listening abilities.

Die Höhle der Löwen

If you are in Germany for business, then the Die Hohle der Lowen is a reality TV show which helps you develop German business terms. The movie features Germany’s top travel entrepreneur, Vural Oger, and the pioneer of extreme sports business Jochen Schweizer.

Despite movies, TV series and audiobooks providing a simple way to learn German quickly, it is important to focus on grammar and sentence structure that can only be taught through German lessons as they are the relevant aspects that determine your fluency in the language.

After watching the basic tv series, you can eventually step up and indulge any German films without subtitles. This may be a challenge as you may not understand some of the words at first, but it is a great way to develop an uncommon vocabulary which rarely comes up in normal conversations.