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Jonathan Levin Philadelphia – Values which took him to the top

My good friend Jonathan Levin Philadelphia-based attorney at law and senior member of his law firm was always destined for success. I lived a block away from Jonathan and throughout school, we were very close friends who often considered ourselves as the misfits of the schoolyard. From the moment that I first met Jonathan, even at that young age, I always knew that he would be successful in whatever he chose to do because he just had that air about him. As we grew older it became clear that Jonathan had a passion for law, and for arguing for that matter, and it suited him perfectly. Throughout Jonathan’s career, it has been his values which took him to the top and these are traits which we should all endeavor to have.

Not Forgetting

Jonathan, no matter how high and mighty he may have become in his career, has never forgotten where he came from or why he is in the career that he is. I mentioned that we called ourselves the Philadelphia misfits and when he first started out in law he told me that these were some of the people who he wanted to represent. And so even in his career now he still does pro-bono cases for a client who doesn’t have the funds to represent themselves against the big boys, and he has always remembered who he is and where he is from.


There is a foolish notion that a successful attorney is some kind of maverick who is rude to people unless they want something but this is not the case at all with Jonathan. In fact, I would say that it is down to is kindness as to how he has got to where he is today. Jonathan is a serial winner in the courtroom but he knows that none of this could happen without having a great team at his disposal. Through Jonathans’ kindness he has been able to assemble a team who work tirelessly for him and his firm.

Never For The Money

Many attorneys will start off with good intentions but when they expose themselves to other areas of the law such as corporate law, and see all of the money that there is to be gained, they often ditch their beliefs in favor of the almighty dollar. This is something that Jonathan has never done and every case which he takes is done based on the merits of the client.

Work Ethic

In almost every pursuit which I have done with Jonathan, he is always the one working harder and pushing further, whether we are playing squash, running or working on our charity. This work ethic is without question why Jonathan has been able to rise up the ranks in his law firm and it is a characteristic which we should all look to learn as it can be applied to all walks of life.

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