Jeffrey Breault – Benefits of doing what you love

Jeffrey Breault is the very epitome of forging a career out of something which you love and he is someone who everyone who has those dreams should look up to. Jeff Breault, if you don’t already know, is a highly successful CEO of his own automotive company and as you might imagine, he is a huge lover of cars in all of their forms. Jeff and I actually made friends as kids because of our love of cars, and he had a Lamborghini Diablo model which I couldn’t resist and so we traded for a while with my Jaguar E-Type model. Ever since then Jeff has adored cars and country music and he has found success in cars and he has just invested in a country music venue. I have seen first hand the difference between Jeff who is doing what he loves and many other friends who are not, and here are the benefits which you can enjoy if you are able to find a career where your passion lies.


Jeff is by far and away one of the happiest people who I have ever met but during our youth, this isn’t something which I would have said about him. In fact, we have other friends in the group who were always the happy-go-lucky types, but life and their careers have greatly altered this dynamic. It isn’t even about the money when it comes to Jeff, although I am sure that helps, and I actually have another friend who makes way more than Jeff, yet genuinely hates the job that he does. Jeff’s happiness comes from the fact that everyday he is living out his passion for cars.


Jeff Breault has always been someone who focussed on his health, much like all of us in fact. We have reached an age now where things in the body are starting to go wrong and a couple of friends have been off with stress-issues and exhaustion. I can only think that the very fact that Jeff is doing something which he loves as the reason as to why he has never had a single day off and never felt any of this external pressure which has resulted in stress or anything of the kind. After all when you love what you do, what is there to get stressed about?


The attitudes and the positive environment in Jeff’s business is a sight to behold and this is because those who are working for Jeff are just like him, doing what they love. Jeff manages to inspire those around him to go and seek out their passions and within his workforce, they love to talk about cars and vehicles all day long. Happiness is very much infectious and I would put money on the fact that through no fault of his own, he has inspired many people to go after their dreams, will you be one of them?