Johns Hopkins alumni Professor Patrick Bond charges: ‘Israel is like South Africa’

A political economist and educator, currently living and teaching in South Africa, Professor Patrick Bond, was a guest speaker at Johns Hopkins University on Monday evening.  “Hopkins Students for Justice In Palestine” along the “JHU Human Rights Working Group,” and the “Black Students Union” sponsored his wide-ranging talk.  The event was held in the “Charles Commons MPR” building.

Bond received his PHD from JHU in 1993. He was involved in the struggle against Apartheid in South Africa, which included protesting against the banks, corporations and universities in the U.S., such as JHU, that he believed were supporting “the South African regime” via their policies.

During his remarks, Bond claimed by comparison and as a general principle, “Israel is like South Africa, practicing apartheid” with respect to the Palestinians.

He praised the work of the BDS Movement (Boycotts, Divestment & Sanctions), in South Africa and in Israel, too. For the record, Israel has repeatedly rejected the notion that it is an Apartheid state. To learn more about Bond, click here. As for the BDS, click on its movement website.

For more on the JHU event, check out: University Against Apartheid.

Excerpts of Bond’s comments are found on this video.