Joey Hickson on how interactive video content has changed the game

At one point in time, reading a news article on a computer and not in the newspaper was considered too advanced. However, as times are changing, the importance of internet technology has started playing a greater role.

As the internet becomes an intrinsic part of us, the need for quick, rich, and engaging content is now more than ever. The definition of content is evolving and it no longer means just written words. We now see things like interactive videos taking over a significant chunk of the content world. But with so many platforms available for content, it’s hard to keep up with all of them.

Amidst the rapid yet organized chaos, Joey Hickson seems to have mastered the art of social media and internet marketing. Being an early adopter of Instagram, he harnessed its power to grow his network. Now with over 20 million followers, Hickson has earned his title of social media expert. He founded Integrate Social Group, a social media marketing agency based in California, and since then, he has helped hundreds of clients grow their online presence and promote their products.

Joey says, “Social media is useless unless there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If you want to engage your target market, your social media content needs to be impactful. The problem with a great visual is you may get a lot of shares, but it’s not going to convert readers into customers. There’s nothing to hook the reader into buying the product, subscription, or service.” He adds, “The goal should be to encourage the audience to participate in the content. There should be a two-way conversation with them, which will eventually lead to a rise in conversions.”

Prior to his stint in the world of social media marketing, he worked as a senior sales representative at Citrix. The flexibility of working from home proved advantageous since it gave him time to learn the ins and outs of social media apps. Today, Hickson owns one of the largest music Instagram accounts @singers that has helped him add some big names to his clientele list that include Flo Rida, Empire Records, Capitol Records. Besides working with the music artists, he has also worked with Gary Vee, Cody Sperber, Cody Alt, Matthew Morgan, and Jason Vedadi to name a few.

Over the last 9 years, Hickson has gone from being a sales rep to a social media influencer who has helped hundreds of thousands of people along the journey. It only goes to show there’s a great opportunity in the world of social media if you know how to throw the lasso and rein it in.