Joe Cianciotto – Replacing Burned Calories At Home

Beyond all of the madness of 2020, and the emphasis which so many have put on exercise, diet and getting fit, we have to identify something which we have lost, that has to be replaced. In our daily lives, under normal, non-pandemic situations, we burn a lot of calories simply living our lives. This could be walking to the train station, going to meet friends, cycling to a meeting, there are many ways in which we run those calories. When the lockdown kicked in, this stopped happening and it is essential that we are taking action to replace the burning of those calories. Fitness expert Joe Cianciotto has been discussing this on his podcast recently, and here are some of the top tips which he has been sharing.

One Hundred Squats

Squats are easy to do and they are a great bodyweight exercise, which will help to strengthen both your core and your quads. Squats are also a very good way of burning some calories each day. Set yourself a challenge to do one hundred squats each and every day. This may seem overwhelming at first but the reality is that it is just 10 sets of 10, and if you disperse them throughout the day, it is certainly achievable.


As a general rule of thumb, we should always take the stairs if we can, even if there is an elevator there ready to whisk us up. This provides us with a great opportunity as well to burn up some calories which we are no longer burning. Running up and down the stairs of your home, or perhaps outside your apartment, will be a non-time consuming way for you to burn some calories. This is also something easy, which will burn calories without you really noticing.

Keep Moving

Even small movements that we make bran calories across the course of the day, and this is why it is important that you do what you can to continuously move throughout the day. A perfect example of this would be that whilst you are sitting at the desk doing work, you are constantly moving or stamping your feet as you work. These small movements may not seem like much but over the course of a day you will find that it all adds up, and you could easily burn 100 calories simply by fidgeting about.

Quick 5

If you are not able to dedicate a long time to exercise then you could look instead and getting in a quick 5-minute workout, 3 times per day. All this needs to be is something simple like jogging on the spot or skipping, and or doing some press-ups and sit-ups. These little 5 minute bursts will help your body to burn calories and doing it multiple times during the day will ensure that you are constantly burning those calories.

These are some simple tricks, which are going to help you to stay on track of your calorie burning.