Issues that can ultimately result in divorce if not addressed

Divorce statistics let people know that there is a risk when getting married if you are not willing to work on your relationship. Marriages that last for decades take a lot of work in a variety of areas. Often times we changed immensely over the years and our partner learns to love the newest version of ourselves. There are certain problems that seem to be staples of people that are constantly fighting or have been divorced multiple times. Divorce statistics show that around 1 out of every 2 marriages ends in divorce which is an alarming number. The following are issues that can lead to a downfall of marriage and ultimately a divorce.

Financial Irresponsibility

Financial problems put stress on both parties in a marriage and this worsens when one party is to blame for these issues. This could be due to a gambling problem or simply living beyond their means financially. The stress that being in debt puts on a person can break them down on a daily basis. Get a budget together and stick to it as it is easier than ever with all of the budgeting apps available. If a spouse is putting you in debt without regard for anyone but themselves it is time to consult a divorce lawyer. Selfish actions happen but when they impact you negatively it is time to get out.


Infidelity tears a marriage apart as it is a complete betrayal of a spouse and many times this leads to divorce. Couples might try to get past the cheating but it will always be in the mind of the person who was cheated on. Be very open with your spouse and do not worry about them touching your phone as you should have nothing to hide. Delete any apps that have to do with dating as even if you do not use them and they were from when you were single, this will not be a good enough excuse if a spouse is to find it.

Neither Party Will Compromise

Conflict resolution is almost nonexistent in certain relationships as one or both parties always want to be right. Compromise is a part of marriage as you are two separate individuals with your own opinions, likes, and dislikes. Research how to properly communicate problems before then boil over into a huge fight where nobody is calm enough to see another side of an issue. Seeing a professional could make all of the difference in the world as an outside opinion could show you how you both are really acting.

Issues With In-Laws

Problems with in-laws can be a nightmare as you always have to wonder if you are being badmouthed to your spouse when you are not around. If you have a poor relationship with an in-law try to mend it as your marriage will go better simply put. If you have a great relationship avoid doing things like drinking too much on holidays as this can quickly tarnish a relationship.

Divorce is not the first option for any couple but it is a reality for some who just cannot seem to work it out. Take comfort in the fact that great marriages do not end in divorce!

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