Getting Divorced? Susan Shofer Offers the Advice You Need

Divorce and Custody Expert Susan Shofer Reveals how Divorce can be an Opportunity to Grow in New Book

What can you do when you face the dreading and challenging experience of getting a divorce? According to Susan Shofer, your divorce and custody ally and the author of The Divorce Recovery Ladder: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Successfully Climb Out of Your Divorce, there’s no need to freak out. Divorce doesn’t necessarily destroy your life. On the contrary, it can be a huge opportunity to grow and find out what you really want in life.

If Anyone Understands the Pitfalls of a Toxic Divorce, Susan Shofer Does

No one understands divorce and all the pain that comes with it better than Susan Shofer. She’s a divorce survivor who has firsthand experience with what it feels like to encounter many of the perils of divorce, including successfully circumventing parental alienation. A former private investigator turned divorce consultant, she started the Divorce Recovery Ladder — a comprehensive site with tools, information, and tips on how to get through a divorce unscathed. Susan Shofer is also the creator of the audio series Divorce Recovery Ladder Podcasts: Juggling Your Divorce Program.

After years of supporting men and women navigate the troubled waters of family breakup, Susan Shofer shares her own organized and pragmatic approach to the divorce process in her new book, The Divorce Recovery Ladder: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Successfully Climb Out of Your Divorce.

Divorce Can Be an Empowering Opportunity for Personal Growth

Knowing how challenging and complex divorce can be difficult. Susan Shofer wrote the book with the goal of providing a safe path to take control of a divorce. In her opinion, divorce does not have to be financially devastating nor does it have to leave families fractured and shattered. On the contrary, it can be an empowering opportunity for personal growth and finding out what you really want in life. The Divorce Recovery Ladder: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Successfully Climb Out of Your Divorce gives you the tools to do just that.

“The Divorce Recovery Ladder is the program that I would have benefitted from during my divorce. From the very beginning of my divorce, I envisioned myself climbing a ladder, starting at the bottom rung where I stood bare, raw, and exposed. As I progressed through my journey, step by step, I eventually rose to the top of the ladder – strong and confident. This imagery, along with the actual work, made me triumphant. This is the process I share with my readers,” Susan Shofer says about her book.

What Makes The Divorce Recovery LadderUnique?

Susan Shofer’s new book is the only divorce guide that answers in a straightforward and pragmatic manner the most burning questions about all aspects of divorce.

Shofer says, “Throughout my divorce, I learned what was worth fighting for and what to walk away from. Most importantly, I learned that you can’t change another person’s behavior. You can only change how you respond to it.”

Susan’s wisdom and humor, forces that enabled her to climb out of her own longstanding contentious divorce, shine throughout each chapter making The Divorce Recovery Ladder: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Successfully Climb Out of Your Divorce an enjoyable reading.

Use the Divorce Recovery Ladder to Navigate the Rough Waters of Divorce

Susan Shofer’s insightful and thorough book will help you to navigate the rough waters of divorce by compartmentalizing the various aspects of divorce, maintaining excellent records, finding the right counsel, caring for your children, gathering evidence and taking care of your physical and mental health.

The Divorce Recovery Ladder: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Successfully Climb Out of Your Divorce provides spot-on recommendations, tips and tricks on how deal with a contentious (ex)spouse, find the best attorney, best handle attorneys and evidence, make a good impression during court appearances, recognize retaliation, organize your finances, understand settlements, cope with parental alienation, make the most out of custody and self-parenting as well as stay healthy and energetic through self-care and boost up your self-confidence and self-esteem so you can start dating again. The downloadable PDFs included in the book will help you take control of your divorce process by staying organized and on-track.

Praise for Susan Shofer’s Divorce Recover Ladder

Robert Yehling, the author of the acclaimed “Crawl of Fame” says, “Not only is the book packed with sensible, specific and well-heeled information and guidance on every aspect of the process, but Susan Shofer goes above and beyond to dive into the emotional turmoil surrounding many divorces — and the problems that often creates. Written with both compassion and sage guidance, this book might be the greatest investment one can make during a divorce…outside of hiring a good attorney, of course.”

Despite a long contentious divorce journey, Susan Shofer now has an amicable relationship with her ex-husband. She is a single mother to her two thriving children, both in college. To learn more about her and her book, please visit