Is It Worth Your Business Starting a Podcast?

Image by Daniel Friesenecker from Pixabay

A critical piece of advice businesses get told when they want to start a marketing strategy is to focus on content. Content can bring fantastic results, from higher conversion rates to better trust in your brand, so long as it is used correctly. Part of this means focusing on the content that your target audience is interested in. The other half is about executing it well. However, this isn’t to say that you can’t expand your content efforts. After all, the more high-quality content you can get out there, the more chance you have of reaching new customers. Therefore, this begs the question, is it worth your business starting a podcast? The short answer is yes, and this article will look into why that is.

It is Cost-Effective

It is possible to start your podcast with the only cost being your time. As long as you have a smartphone with a microphone, headphones, and a laptop, you have the starting package you need for starting a podcast. Even if you want to spend a little bit more money on equipment on a more reliable microphone, there are ways that you can still keep the costs low. These tools for streaming podcasts are free to use and allow you to create high-quality streams and recordings without the hefty price tag that others might be charging. By making the most of the equipment you already have and the free tools, you can create podcasts within a suitable budget and grow your brand awareness.

As it is so cost-effective, you have room in your budget to advertise your podcast, allowing it to reach more people.

Cross-promote through Storytelling

Podcasts offer you the perfect medium to market your products, website, and other content channels. They are ideal for cross-promotion and can potentially expand your audience on all platforms. Of course, just advertising on your podcast shouldn’t be the only angle you go for. If you can produce a charismatic and entertaining script, you will keep your listeners’ attention and reassure them that you are there to build a bond with your audience, not just advertise your business. In doing so, you will get a better ROI, i.e., loyal customers.

Already have a decent blog article that markets some of your best-selling products? You can repurpose that old, existing content and give it a new lease of life on your podcast. The bonus is that you have easy content to produce and can reach an audience you would have otherwise missed.

It will Increase Traffic to Your Site

Your online presence is everything when it concerns your traffic volumes, and traffic volumes are everything when it concerns your sales figures. The more targeted traffic you can get, the more chance you have of making more sales. If you start a podcast, you can be certain that one benefit you earn is more traffic, as this type of content breeds authority and familiarity. Through audio cues, transcribing links, and even having little promos, you can send your listeners to your website.

Get Highly Engaged Customers

Podcasts will build trust in your brand, and this trust results in more targeted customers who are likely to purchase from you. Just take a look at these statistics show to see how much difference it could make to you. If 75% of people take action after listening, even if you only have five people listening to begin, more than half of those listeners will take action.