Introducing Forbes Top Financial Advisor Patrick Dwyer

Patrick Dwyer has made his home in Key Biscayne for many years. He is an International Private Wealth Consultant and also a Managing Director for the Merrill-Lynch Wealth Managing group. He was recently honored as the number one “Best in South Florida Wealth Advisor” in Forbes.

His other accolades include:

One of Barron’s “Top One Hundred Financial Advisors, starting in 2007 and running consecutively through last year, 2017.

Number five on the Forbes list of “Top American Advisors” for two years in a row, 2016 and 2017.

“Top One Hundred Wirehouse Consultants in America” for the last ten years in the former REP Magazine (now

And one of the “Top Four Hundred Financial Consultants” in the Financial Times for the years 2014, 2015, and this year, 2018.

He and his team represent a wide and diverse background of first-class clients. Their expertise and demographics help to deliver the most current wealth management strategies available in today’s fast-paced markets. They are proud to be trusted with the investment and financial needs of a large range of entrepreneurs and CEO’s of both genders. They also oversee accounts for many types of families, including a large number of first-generation Americans.

The prestigious ranking in Forbes is the direct result of SHOOK Research, based mostly on personal evaluations of each and every advisor, taking into account such things as industry experience, revenue generation, compliance excellence, and the retention of clients. Dwyer and his associates passed all these strict examinations with flying colors.

Dwyer says he feels quite honored with the Forbes recognition of achievement.

In such a competitive business, he continues, it is very gratifying to know that their superb level of service on a personal level, using the latest in high tech communication, and being immediately available to consult on priority life decisions such as marriage, children, divorce, and the care for older parents, is validated several times over by industry leaders.  

Dwyer adds that in order to stay on top he and his team are committed to educating their clients with how to use the latest technology to gain easy and quick access to vital information they need to see and understand. Such as scanning the entirety of their net worth, along with performance and spending reports, and each individual sum paid to their account — all in real time. It’s the best way for clients to participate in making the best financial decisions.

Dwyer makes it a point to tell all his clients that they need to create a realistic and basic financial plan, which Dwyer can then use to strategize investments to guard against emotional upticks and the occasional market swings. Dwyer is also a big believer in having clients talk to their children about wealth management, and that includes working with them on legacy endowments. He also encourages clients to create a strategy for long-term care expenses in the event of declining physical and mental health.

What matters most to clients is what matters most to Dwyer, when it comes to financial planning and wealth enhancement. Dwyer also lets his clients know that he, himself, places his own family’s happiness above any other type of wealth. He can’t wait to see his grandchildren start to come along.