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InventHelp can help make young inventors’ dreams into reality

There are many young people that come up with brilliant ideas that can change the world. The younger generation of today is brimming with incredible ideas and with their close links to technology can come up with some remarkable ideas that could make a big difference to the lives of others. The ambitions and ideas of these youngsters should be nurtured and encouraged and one company that can offer excellent support to those with invention ideas is InventHelp.

For younger inventors, it may seem easy to come up with fabulous invention ideas for fantastic products. However, this is only part of the process. Due to age and lack of experience, many younger inventors may not know where to take their idea or invention. However, this should not be something that puts you off if you are a young inventor with a great idea or product. Instead, you can simply turn to the experts to help you with all other aspects of getting your ideal or invention to market.

How young inventors can get help in getting their product to market

It is only natural for young inventors with great ideas to want them to be an instant global success. Of course, in reality, this is not what happens. However, what does happen is that the inventor focuses on the idea or product while experts deal with the other side of things. For instance, one of the things that has to be done when an inventor has an idea or product is that it needs to be legally protected. Without this, it is all too easy for someone else to claim that the idea was theirs or to copy the product. Experts that work alongside inventors such as those at InventHelp can deal with this side of things by helping to get the product or idea patented.

Another thing that is important for young inventors to remember is the impact of a prototype of the product. It can be very difficult for potential investors and businesses within the relevant industry to see exactly what the product will be like or how it will work without a prototype. Experts can help to create the perfect prototype to showcase the product to those that could play a huge part in getting it to market. This in itself can help to boost the chances of success, which is why it is such an important element of the process.

Finally, young inventors often have no experience when it comes to dealing with businesses and investors, both of which are necessary in order to turn the dream into reality and make the product into a commercial success. However, experts with the necessary links and specialist resources will have both the experience and the skills to liaise with the right people in order to boost the chances of commercial success. This is why any young inventor with a great idea should run with the idea and get help in turning their dream into a reality.

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  1. Fred says:

    I admire people who can come up with new ideas especially if they’re young. I once had an idea that I thought was innovative, but upon further investigation turned out that my invention already exists. And just like you’ve said about InventHelp inventors, getting help to protect your ideas is important.

    • Katie says:

      Haha! That’s so funny! It must’ve been frustrating for you when your ideas turned out to have already been invented. My uncle is a physicist and he’s got a few inventions patented with the help of this company. They even offered him to participate in an Inventhelp commercial but he turned down the offer because he only cares about inventing stuff.

      • Fred says:

        Yup! I felt so silly back then, but it made me realize just how much work goes into inventing new things. It’s so cool that your uncle is an inventor. Too bad that he decided not to appear in one of the Inventhelp commercials. It could’ve been great for marketing his invention. But I guess it’s his choice.

        • Katie says:

          Actually the company helps with marketing as well. Inventhelp inventors get help starting from patenting the invention, then there’s creating of the prototype, finding investors. And they also help with the manufacturing and marketing of the finished product. The company is very involved in making the invention a real success.

    • Martin says:

      That’s hilarious but the exact same thing happened to me on more than one occasion. As they say, great minds think alike. But this hasn’t stopped me from going into robotics and pursuing inventing as a career. I hope to one day get a chance to become one of Inventhelp success stories.

      • Fred says:

        Wow, that’s really funny! And good luck with your goal. I’ve long changed my focus in life and I’m majoring in business administration instead. Hope to see you succeed one day! I’ll be keeping an eye on new Inventhelp products on the market. Then I’ll be honored to say that I know you.

  2. Chris says:

    I agree that we should support young inventors. I often read in the news about young people, sometimes even teens and kids, winning international invention competitions. I wonder, if they then go on to patent their inventions and if they get help from experts in the field like Inventhelp inventors do, because it’s really important.

    • Peter says:

      They probably get offers from investors and companies. And I won’t be surprised if Inventhelp is on the lookout for these youngsters as well. An Inventhelp inventor can be of any age, they come from all over the world. That’s what’s so great about it. The opportunities are almost unlimited.

  3. Andrew says:

    Where can I find out more about this company that you’ve mentioned in the article? My brother is only twelve years old but he’s very interested in engineering. Is it too young to start working on inventions? I’d like to read some Inventhelp stories of young inventors to inspire and encourage him.

    • Marta says:

      You can google the company and check out their website or social media accounts. I’m not sure if they’ve got inventors as young as twelve years old though. There’s a whole section on the website dedicated to Inventhelp success stories. You can look there and see if you can find anything suitable.

  4. Grace says:

    I work in marketing so I know how hard it is to get a new product noticed. But there’s so much work leading up to that moment when you actually have a product to promote. InventHelp inventors are lucky that they get help on all the steps of the process because it’s a lot of hard work.

    • George says:

      Fellow marketing manager here! I agree that it’s not easy at all to launch a product and make it successful. I’ve seen InventHelp commercials and can tell that they are very dedicated to what they are doing. They work with inventors internationally, which is also very remarkable and worth noting.

      • Dave` says:

        I was wondering about how they work with inventors from other countries. Do you know if there are Inventhelp office locations in other countries? How can I find out about it? I’m genuinely curious, because I haven’t heard about that many inventors from other countries. Most of them (or at least the popular ones) seem to be from the US.

        • George says:

          I think that’s because they film local inventors in their commercials but I’m sure that there are a lot of international inventors as well. As for office locations, I know that there are the InventHelp Pittsburgh corporate headquarters. As for other cities and countries you’ll have to check their website for that.

      • Grace says:

        I didn’t know that, but I should’ve guessed it. That’s really cool, because I can imagine that not all inventors from other countries have access to such services in their homeland. I’d like to find out more about InventHelp inventors, where they come from, their life stories and stuff like that.

  5. Josh says:

    I really doubt that there is such a thing as instant success. Usually we don’t see the amount of work that has been done prior to the invention becoming successful. Inventhelp inventors work with experts in patent law, engineers that help make the prototype, and many other people as well. And it takes a lot of time.

    • Anna says:

      Absolutely. And we usually only see the inventor and don’t know about all the other people who have worked to turn the invention into a product. That’s why I like how in Inventhelp commercials they talk about their experts and give credit to everyone involved in the process of creating the product.

      • Josh says:

        I know exactly what you mean. I also like that about Inventhelp commercials. All the steps that are needed to turn the idea into a product are important. They give a little insight on how a product is created and I think it makes it easier to entrust them with your ideas.

  6. Michael says:

    Thank you for this very interesting article. It really made me think about the input young people have in the development of our society. And I agree that it’s very important to support them and provide them with opportunities like in the case of Inventhelp inventors who get so much help with their ideas.

  7. Jessica says:

    I personally think that it’s never too late to become an inventor, but I guess you’re right that young people need more support. They aren’t settled in life yet and they need a little help to get started. And I do believe that they are more creative and full of ideas. I wonder how many young Inventhelp inventors there are as opposed to those who are older.

    • Tom D. says:

      I think that young people may be more creative because they haven’t yet faced all sorrows of the world and they tend to think outside the box more. But it sometimes seems that there are more inventors that are older. At least that’s what I’ve noticed with Inventhelp inventors. I wonder why that is.

      • Jessica says:

        Maybe people only get the courage to take risks and invest their time, effort and money in a novelty invention when they are a bit older and settled in life. I also got that impression from Inventhelp commercials. That’s why I think it is so important to encourage younger people as well.

        • Tom D. says:

          I guess, you’re right about that. It’s unfortunate that people often wait till they are retired to start inventing, or sometimes travelling and picking up new interesting hobbies. But I think that the more there are opportunities for people, like it’s the case with Inventhelp inventors, the more people will have courage to follow their dreams.

    • Chris says:

      I wouldn’t say that young people are more creative. They just don’t have enough life experience yet, so they don’t think as critically about their own ideas and don’t dismiss them as readily as older people. Having said that, I still think that it’s a great initiative to support young Inventhelp inventors.

      • Jessica says:

        I guess you have a point. Either way I’m in support of all inventors, young and old. Both can learn something from each other. I hope to see more Inventhelp success stories where they tell about their inventors and find out about these amazing people and the products that they’ve created.

        • Chris says:

          I second this! I love reading those success stories as well as watching Inventhelp commercials where they are sort of like interviewing their inventors and let them speak about their creative ideas. It’s sort of like a mini documentary. I’d like to see more of those. Inventors are truly very interesting people.

  8. Jason says:

    Thanks for the great article! I agree that young people need all the support they can get. When I look at Inventhelp products, I sometimes think that I could also do something like that. But reality is that coming up with an idea and turning it into a successful business product is a lot of hard work.

    • Paul says:

      You will never know what you are capable of unless you give it a try. If you have an ambition to become an inventor then you should not get discouraged just because it’s a lot of hard work. I saw many Inventhelp commercials and the people who are inventing all these cool things are no different from you and me (not to say that they’re not great!).

      • Jason says:

        Oh, I totally agree with you here. Just because something is hard it doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing. That’s sort of the whole point of living. Overcoming obstacles. I know that many Inventhelp inventors are older and they’ve waited to retire before daring to follow their ambition to become an inventor. But I think young people should be encouraged to take this risk as well.

        • Paul says:

          Yeah, it’s kinda sad when people have to wait for decades before they start following their dreams. I’m all for supporting and encouraging young inventors. And I have also noticed that trend with Inventhelp commercials. I think it’s mostly due to the specific industries that they work for.

          • Jason says:

            Do you mean like when there aren’t that many young inventors who invent household and recreational items but there’s a ton of youth in robotics? In this case, I agree, it does depend on the industry. And although robotics is cool, I think what Inventhelp inventors do is more down to earth and practical.

  9. Kevin Jones says:

    It’s true that young people often don’t have enough experience so I always admire companies that are willing to give them that. I’m sure that there are a lot of cool Inventhelp products which were invented by young inventors. It would be great to find out more about them some day.

  10. Halene says:

    I have noticed this trend with many companies and organizations where they have a whole program dedicated to supporting the youth. I think that’s really cool and I wish I knew about it when I was younger. It’s nice to know that young Inventhelp inventors also get their chance to succeed.

    • Fred says:

      Doesn’t it make you feel kinda old? Every time I see a program or a contest with the age limit of 25 I feel ancient. Haha! But more power to them. From what I’ve learnt after reading some of the Inventhelp success stories many of their inventors are older so they probably want to attract youth as well.

      • Halene says:

        You’re right! It does make you feel old. I wonder why most of their inventors are older? Judging from their Inventhelp commercials they are pretty accessible so it’s probably just the matter of who knows about the company and what audiences they are targeting most of the time.

  11. Drake says:

    True, this younger generation is brimming with incredible ideas and technology just made it even easier to come up remarkable ideas that could make a big difference to the lives of others. In my class, I allow the students share ideas they think they can work on to help the society and I must say that they are really amazing ideas and once they get someone to invest in it, that would be a good thing.

  12. Precious anthony says:

    A friend of mine actually lost his idea to someone who claimed would want to help him get an investor. The idea wasn’t legally protected and so it was gone. I’ll recommend any inventor that needs help getting their idea out should do that with a reputable company and Inventhelp is a good one.

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