Internal Communication has a Significant Impact on Business Growth

Communication is key in a variety of areas of business with some departments being impacted far more than others. With technology, it is easier than ever to contact someone immediately via video or instant messaging. The new possibilities for collaboration have increased the quality of work produced in many industries. Improving internal communication is not going to happen immediately. For a company with established processes, this will take time. Continually improving internal communication will take a hands-on approach over the course of time. Below are areas of a company can that increased the quality of work produced through improved communication. 

Customer Service 

Customer service needs to be a top priority for companies that rely on repeat business for regular revenue. The wrong interaction with a customer of an insurance company could lose that customer for life if they become upset enough. Lack of communication between a production team on a project and a client could lead to a missed deadline. Communication of this can allow the client manager or customer service professional to help smooth out the situation. Any team that thinks there might be a problem with a client/customer needs to reach out to the customer service department. A proactive call could save a relationship so make sure interactions with customers are highlighted in a CRM or via email. Utilizing best practices for internal communication can make a job easier and experience for a customer far better simultaneously. 


The sales and marketing teams need to be in sync in terms of their communication. The marketing team has the job of driving leads to the sales team. If leads are coming in that are unqualified or low-quality this needs to be communicated. The communication of this to the marketing team can help the department modify their strategy. The discussion of the buyer persona needs to be had as there should be a set standard for the target demographic of customers. The marketing team can also allow a company to know how a business came to the website. Organic traffic can convert in sales at a higher percentage when the traffic originated from a search engine. 

The sales department needs to communicate internally with a sales tracking platform. Without this system, the same company could pitch a potential client numerous times. For many recipients, this will feel more like spam than an actual pitch or introduction email. Notes should be kept on each lead in the sales funnel as the initial point of contact could have left the company. Following up with these leads should be automated and noted in the sales funnel. The communication between client management and sales needs to be incredible. Building rapport from the start for a client manager can be done with details given to the manager from the sales point of contact. Initial rapport being built can lead to higher customer retention. Couple with an increased amount of time a customer is engaged with the company make this communication imperative. 

Overall Production 

Overall production numbers can increase if communication quality increases or is automated for particular processes. Automation can eliminate the possibility of human error. A member of the staff could forget to notify another staff member that they completed a project or task. A project management system that encourages communication is essential. Clear tasks that need to be done for the day will not leave anyone questioning what they should be doing. Ask the staff what they would need to help increase communication in terms of technology as they could produce great ideas. 

Inventory Management 

Inventory management could not be more important for companies that are selling products at high volumes. The lack of materials or inventory can cripple overall production for the company. An integrated system between inventory management and sales is needed. Too many sales in a particular period could lead to shipping times being inaccurate which can lead to lower customer retention. Automation of ordering products, parts, or materials can easily be done. Setting a minimum number before automatic ordering is commonly done by companies of all sizes in regards to their inventory. 

Quality Assurance 

Quality assurance for a product/service needs to communicate with various departments efficiently. For example, the QA professional at a content marketing company will need to communicate with the client manager. Communication could include requirements or a style guide for content produced. The QA pro will also communicate with production-based roles if their work simply is not living up to company standard. A quality assurance staff member is the gatekeeper for a company. This prevents any low-quality products/work to be delivered to customers. 

Internal communication can improve more than the areas of a company highlighted above. Take the time to evaluate communication quality throughout the company. Find ways policies could change the overall communication effort of staff. Small tweaks might be needed instead of an entire overhaul so think minor changes to start out. Communication needs to be a priority at all businesses to run at optimum levels so make it a priority to improve immediately!