Internal Affairs to Land: Las Vegas homicide detective didn’t violate policy when he leaked confidential information to judge

LAS VEGAS — The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Internal Affairs said a homicide detective did not violate policy when he shared confidential details of a murder investigation to Las Vegas Township Judge Melanie Andress-Tobiasson, according to Connie Land, whose daughter Sydney along with her friend Nehemiah Kauffman were the victims in the unsolved October 2016 double slaying.

Land, whose Op-Ed, Who killed my daughter?’ was published by the Baltimore Post-Examiner on June 7,  said she was disturbed that LVMPD Homicide Detective Jarrod Grimmett had shared confidential details about the murder investigation of her daughter and Kauffman to Tobiasson.

She reported what Grimmett said to Tobiasson to Internal Affairs this year. Internal Affairs concluded Grimmett’s sharing confidential information about a homicide investigation did not a violate departmental policy. Internal Affairs confirmed to the Baltimore Post-Examiner that they did talk to Land, but they would not comment on what they told her or if it is a violation.

Grimmett could not be reached for comment. He is still the detective involved in the murder case.


Excerpts from Land’s Op-Ed:

There are so many questions I desperately want answers to.  Why was one of my homicide detectives, Jarrod Grimmett, providing confidential information regarding evidence and suspects pertaining to the homicide investigation to Judge Melanie Andress-Tobiasson, when she and her daughter had interactions with Shane Valentine, one of the persons of interest?

For the six months, while Judge Tobiasson and I were communicating, she referenced conversations between herself and Grimmett in text messages and phone conversations, including details about specific evidence found at the apartment and certain records obtained in relation to the case.

Connie and Sydney Land

Tobiasson mentioned to the Baltimore Post- Examiner that Grimmett confided in her that three people were involved in the double murder. The murder happened around 12:30 a.m. on October 26. Grimmett told her convicted felons Shane Valentine and Dominique Thompson (Domo) went to Neo and Sydney’s apartment. Grimmett also told her that evidence points to Frankie Zappia, whose stepdad is a retired police officer.

Tobiasson said, “The first detective who is investigating the case (Grimmett), thank God is someone who knows me and respects me, and I have a good relationship with. He tells me for the first three or four weeks after the murders while Shane is on the run, what information they have and what proof they have that Shane’s involved and they have his phone ping at the apartment…”

It makes it very hard to have any hope that homicide wants to solve this case. Was Grimmett trying to sabotage any possibility of using the DNA evidence collected in this investigation when he made this following comment? 

This is a statement made on national television by Grimmett to Crime Watch Daily, which aired on April 27, 2018, referencing DNA evidence found in the OPEN homicide investigation:

“There were several items that contained DNA evidence, but the problem is these people had a lot of friends, a lot of associates, a lot of people that hung out at the apartment, so working through all of the details of what was relevant and what’s not, has been a challenge.”  “I mean when I refer to DNA, there’s cigarette butts everywhere. Ashtrays full of stuff. Drink cups everywhere. So, you talk about DNA being in the apartment, there’s all kinds of stuff you know, so who knows what’s supposed to be there and what wasn’t supposed to be there.”

It is like banging my head against the wall. For over 24 months I begged to my lead detective, sergeants, and lieutenants in homicide that I did not want Grimmett on this case. I believed he was negligent and potentially corrupt. He appeared to be sharing information in an open investigation with Tobiasson which could potentially damage this case. There would be no hope for justice for Sydney.

Desperate, I provided all of my correspondence with Judge Tobiasson, to the homicide detectives in October 2017. Even after all of the documentation, I provided, as well as public statements made by the Judge confirming their communications, my requests for his removal from this case have been discarded like trash.  I was told two weeks ago, by the sergeant in homicide that Dosch and Grimmett are STILL working this investigation when they have time.

Land filed a complaint to LVMPD Internal Affairs Bureau

Connie Land told the Baltimore Post-Examiner that in mid-May of this year she filed a telephonic complaint with the Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB) against Homicide Detective Grimmett and spoke with IAB Detective W. Williams.

Land told the Baltimore Post-Examiner that she subsequently sent Williams information to support her complaint against Grimmett.

Shane Valentine

In a June 12 email sent to IAB Det. Williams by Land and obtained by the Baltimore Post-Examiner, Land also questioned the handling of the October 8, 2016 shooting by Shane Valentine into Nehemiah Kauffman’s mother’s home, just weeks prior to the October 26, 2016 murders of her daughter and Nehemiah Kauffman:

So many problems with the handling of this case and homicide, but you already know that.  I do have another serious issue regarding the shooting on October 8, 2016, at Nehemiah Kauffman’s family residence.

Shane Valentine shot into the house with 5 people in the home during the sequence of events.  He ran his car into the garage door and threw a rock through a window.  There were multiple eyewitnesses who saw Shane Valentine do all of these things and heard him verbally threaten Nehemiah’s life.  

The crime scene investigators who worked the crime scene knowingly failed to retrieve and collect all of the evidence from the scene.  I know the plastic parts of front grill and rock(s) were collected, but CSA failed to retrieve the bullet(s) shot into the house.  Is this a violation of policy?

If the bullet was not easily accessible, there were witnesses who heard the verbal threat to his life.  Why over the next 2 weeks did CSA and detective not go back and retrieve the bullets?  The bullet(s) were easily accessible.

Why did the detectives close the case less than a week later due to insufficient evidence, knowing not all the EVIDENCE was collected at the scene?  Is this a violation of policy?

Nehemiah Kauffman and Sydney-Land (Screenshot)

After the murders happened, Detective Dosch went into the evidence room to pull bullets to compare from October 8 shooting and the double homicide.  There were no bullet(s) in evidence from the October 8thevent, this is why Detective Dosch and CSA had to return to the Kauffman residence 3 weeks after October 8thshooting and after the double homicide and retrieved the bullets from the attic.

Where is the negligence on this case, CSA, the detectives, or both?  They failed to properly investigate this case and closed the case without all of the evidence? The police knew Shane Valentine had an outstanding warrant during the time of the shooting on October 8th.

Regardless of the fact we/Sydney were not the victims of that incident on October 8thor not – Shane Valentine threatened to kill Nehemiah, Frankie Zappia (LVMPD officer Dano Giersdorf’s stepdaughter and person of interest in double homicide) and Sydney, my daughter, that morning.  Nehemiah and Sydney were found dead 2 weeks later.

For further details read our February 4, 2019, Baltimore Post-Examiner story, Las Vegas sex-trafficker who is suspect in unsolved double homicide threatened victims weeks before the murders’.

(Shane Valentine is in prison as he was charged with the shooting into the Kauffman residence, based on an investigation done by Homicide Detective Mitchell Dosch, not by any action of the police who investigated the October 8, 2016 shooting.)

Sydney Land and Frankie Zappia (Facebook)

Land also questioned to Internal Affairs why LVMPD Vice Detective Gregory Flores who was a family friend and alleged godfather to Frankie Zappia, had executed search warrants on her apartment and the residence of Zappia’s pimp, Dominique Thompson, after the murders because the Homicide Division had requested Vice to do the search warrants.

(The Baltimore Post-Examiner was told by a family member that Greg Flores was the godfather/sponsor to Frankie Zappia during her Roman Catholic confirmation because Flores was a friend of Zappia’s stepfather, now retired LVMPD police officer Daniel “Dano” Giersdorf.)

Homicide was looking for a weapon that was possibly used in the double murders.

The Baltimore Post-Examiner has confirmed from a police source that the request for Vice to execute the search warrants came from Homicide Detective Mitchell Dosch.

Records obtained by the Baltimore Post-Examiner after the Land/Kauffman murders show the police executed several search warrants on the Las Vegas residences of Dominique “Domo” Thompson, including a high-end condo where Frankie Zappia was residing. Thompson, a prior convicted felon was found to be in possession of a 9-millimeter semi-automatic handgun and a semi-automatic rifle. Thompson is in federal prison for charges of a felon in possession of a firearm. During the search warrants, the police also seized about $9,000 in cash.

Apparently, since nobody has been charged with the double murders two-and-half years after they occurred, it could be safe to say that no firearm or recovered bullet(s) that were confiscated by the police during the investigation were used in the murders.  Then again, with all that has gone on surrounding this case, it might not be safe to take anything for granted at this point.

The LVMPD Internal Affairs Bureau responds to Land’s complaint

Connie Land told the Baltimore Post-Examiner that on June 19 IAB Det. Williams informed her that he looked into Det. Grimmett based on the information she provided and what he requested from Homicide and his determination was that Grimmett did not violate police policy by giving confidential information about the homicide investigation to Judge Melanie Andress-Tobiasson.

Land said that Williams also told her that Vice Det. Gregory Flores did not violate police policy because it is not against department policy for officers to work on cases involving family and friends.

Land told the Baltimore Post-Examiner that as an example, Williams said he was in IA and may have to investigate somebody who was his friend.

Land said she never got an answer if department policy was violated by the crime scene analyst on scene at the October 8, 2016 shooting into the Kaufman residence.

However, the LVMPD policy manual states under Crime Scene Investigations, that the reason for conducting crime scene investigations are to protect, to gather, and to preserve all evidential facts and material that tend to prove or disprove that a criminal offense has been committed, and to identify the party or parties responsible.

LVMPD CSA [Crime Scene Analyst] responsibilities; At all crime scenes which Criminalistics Bureau personnel are required to process, the crime scene analyst(s) responding to the scene will properly book and seal all evidence at the actual crime scene.

At crime scenes in which Criminalistics Bureau personnel are not requested, the officer locating the evidence will properly book and seal the evidence.

Let’s go back to the October 8, 2016 shooting into an occupied dwelling incident.

Since the bullet(s) were never recovered at that time from the Kauffman residence then how could a suspect (Shane Valentine in this case) if caught and who may have had a weapon, how could ballistic analysis be conducted if there were no bullet(s) in evidence to match the bullet to a weapon?

Judge Tobiasson

Was Shane Valentine, a known pimp “protected” by corrupt Vice cops?

Tobiasson told the Baltimore Post-Examiner in 2018:

I learned pretty quickly that Shane Valentine was also untouchable, no matter what I said to the police about him, they never went after him.”

“Now, mind you I am telling the police about Shane now for six months, and then I learn this detail and I freak out because now I realize that he was targeting certain types of girls or certain families, now I know for sure.”

“So, I call Vice again and I said I have just learned that he is the same guy who pimped out the other judge’s daughter, and they seemed to be shocked, however I now know that they knew exactly who he was and exactly who he had pimped out when I first gave his information to them. They knew he was the guy who had pimped out this judge’s daughter. They knew he had never been charged, they had never submitted a case on him, and they’ve never gone after him.”

“Shane Valentine was associated with a place called Milk Money which is the same kind of thing as Top Notch, you know it’s like a front, they use all these clothing stores and strip malls and at area malls, that look like clothing stores from the front but they’re actually unlicensed clubs. And they’re all over town. Milk Money is from my understanding from talking to people in the industry is owned and run by Mally Mall, that should explain some things to you because Shane Valentine was associated with Milk Money.”

Mally Mall (Wiki)

“Mally Mall’s people, in other words, pimps that worked under Mally Mall’s permission were pretty much untouchable.  Just like Ocean Fleming and Raymond Sharp said.  So, which explains why they never ever went after Shane Valentine. So, he does get charged with the burglary, kind of hard not to since it was on videotape and they put it all over the news, and so while he’s out on bail on that burglary, while I continue to go to the police and while he continues to harass my daughter, the police continue to do nothing.”

BPE: And why do you think that nobody cares about the crimes he commits?

Tobiasson: Because they never investigate them, and he never gets arrested for them unless of course, they are on videotape. I mean they had opportunities over and over and over. I mean he didn’t even get charged in the case with the other judge’s daughter when he was there, and he was directing her beating.

BPE: And why do you think it is, and why do you think he is protected?

Tobiasson: Because he’s working for Mally Mall, he’s protected, they’ve been paid to protect him.

Baltimore Post-Examiner requested comment from LVMPD Public Information Office

On June 20, 2019 the following media request for comment was sent to the LVMPD PIO:

The Baltimore Post-Examiner request clarification on the following:

Connie Land, the mother of Sydney Land one of the victims in the October 2016 unsolved double homicide, informed the Baltimore Post-Examiner that on Wednesday she had a telephone conversation with LVMPD Internal Affairs Bureau Detective W. Williams P#9707, in which Det. Williams stated he had investigated Mrs. Land’s complaint against Homicide Detective Jarrod Grimmett.

According to Land she had filed a telephonic complaint a few weeks ago with the IAB and spoke with Williams concerning Det. Grimmett releasing confidential information to his friend (Judge) Melanie Andress-Tobiasson in 2016 concerning details of the investigation of the double homicide.

BPE has previously published articles where Tobiasson had admitted in a recorded interview with the BPE that Grimmett, a close friend of hers, was giving her confidential information about the homicide investigation and Shane Valentine, a person of interest in the case, and others.  Tobiasson also admitted to Mrs. Land that she had been receiving information from Grimmett about the case and sent Land text messages stating so, that the BPE also published in several stories.

On Wednesday, IAB Det. Williams told Land that Det. Grimmett did not violate any departmental policy by providing the information to Tobiasson.

How is that possible?

To complicate matters further, Tobiasson was an interested party as she had contact with Shane Valentine in the past, admitted in a recorded conversation with the BPE that she threatened Valentine through his attorney and later kicked in the door to his residence, prior to the homicide.    

 Tobiasson stated that her daughter Sarah was friends with Nehemiah Kauffman, the other victim in the unsolved double homicide and that Sarah also had contact with Valentine.  

Melanie Tobiasson had major conflicts and an unknown motive for wanting information about the homicides.

Tobiasson stated to the BPE that Grimmett was giving her information because he was her friend who she has known for years.   Tobiasson was not involved in any official capacity during the homicide investigation, i.e. search warrants, etc.

If Grimmett did not violate any departmental policy by compromising a double homicide investigation by “leaking” confidential details about DNA evidence, suspects names and the content of text messages of Nehemiah Kauffman and more to his friend Melanie Tobiasson, a private citizen, then is it safe to say that any other department personnel can release whatever information they want to, to any other citizen regardless of the consequences, with impunity, since they would not be violating a departmental policy?

Indeed there are several policies in the LVMPD manual concerning integrity (maintains trust and confidentiality), accountability (adhering to high standards of conduct and performance), and the releasing of information concerning investigations without the approval of a supervisor, and many others as you are surely aware of.   

Is there a new rule/policy that we are not aware of that states a detective can release information to anyone he so desires?  

Additionally, according to Mrs. Land Det. Williams in his conversation with her on Wednesday told her that it is also not against LVMPD policy for officers to work on cases involving family and friends. 

Can you please clarify IAB Det. Williams response? 

Does that mean that a detective can execute a search warrant during a homicide investigation when one of the targets of the search warrant is someone that he knows personally?   

 The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department did not respond to our request for comment.

Baltimore Post-Examiner makes contact with the LVMPD Internal Affairs Bureau

On June 24 at 3:14 p.m. I made contact with LVMPD Internal Affairs Bureau Detective W. Williams.  Williams admitted that an Internal Affairs investigation was conducted on Homicide Det. Jarrod Grimmett but he “couldn’t discuss it”.

I told him that Connie Land had told me that he had told her that Grimmett did not violate department policy by leaking confidential details of the homicide investigation to Melanie Andress-Tobiasson.  Williams replied, “I can’t discuss it.”.

After talking with Williams, at 3:26 p.m. I called the LVMPD Homicide Division and asked for Det. Grimmett.  I was transferred to his extension; however, the phone rang over 20 times and did not roll over to voicemail.

Tobiasson’s comments to the Baltimore Post-Examiner about Grimmett

As we previously reported in several stories, Tobiasson claimed in a recorded interview with the Baltimore Post-Examiner in May of 2018 that LVMPD Homicide Detective Jarrod Grimmett confided in her that three people were involved in the double murder. She said the murder happened around 12:30 a.m. on October 26 when Grimmett told her convicted felons Shane Valentine and Dominique Thompson (Domo) went to Neo and Sydney’s apartment.  Grimmett also told her that evidence points to Frankie Zappia, whose stepdad is a retired LVMPD police officer.

How would Tobiasson know the exact time the Land/Kauffman murders happened if indeed they did occur at 12:30 a.m. on October 26, 2016, as she stated, unless that information came from a detective working the case.

“I told you about the detective that was originally on the case, he told me all the evidence they had that showed it was Shane, Domo and Frankie,” Tobiasson later said in that same recorded interview. 

“The first detective who is investigating the case, thank God is someone who knows me and respects me, and I have a good relationship with, he tells me for the first three or four weeks after the murders while Shane is on the run, what information they have and what proof they have that Shane’s involved and they have his phone ping at the apartment and then what happens is that after the murders the phone is turned off almost immediately and then the next time his phone is turned on, it’s in Baker, California.”

“Now after the double homicide, they get Neo’s phone and there’s like forty thousand text messages on it. Apparently, Neo never deleted his text. There’s text messages between Neo and Shane, there’s text messages between [daughter of LVMPD Officer  and Neo ….and many, many, many other text messages on his phone. I’m advised of this by the detective working on this case that they have this information.”

“I’m told they have Domo’s DNA, that Frankie’s phone pings at the apartment, that they caught Frankie in all kinds of lies and one of the most significant things is that after the two are dead, nobody ever texted them again.”

“So Shane gets arrested in California, he gets extradited back to Vegas and he gets charged with the drive-by shooting and I find out from the homicide detective that there are four other, now mind you he’s been out on bail on a burglary charge since May and then murders are committed in October.  There were four other burglary cases that were sitting in the DA’s Office that had DNA and fingerprints that tied Shane Valentine to those burglaries, that they never filed. He’s out on bail on a burglary, they close the drive-by shooting case that they knew he did, and they got four other cases where that they have DNA and fingerprints and they don’t file on them and revoke his bail.”

Tobiasson reinforced her remarks made during the recorded interview about receiving information from Grimmett in a May 13, 2018 e-mail message to the Baltimore Post-Examiner:

“We know he [Shane Valentine] was involved based on everything I was told by the original homicide detective, Grimmett, coupled with the drive-by shooting on October 8that Neo’s house that, despite witnesses and previous threats, was closed by Metro as lacking prosecutorial merit and only reopened after Neo and Sydney’s heads were blown off by the pimp of a cops stepdaughter and another pimp who was given free rein to victimize anybody’s daughter he chose because the big man, Mally Mall, paid his police officers that well and the cops stepdaughter.”

Tobiasson’s remarks about Det. Grimmett to Connie Land

Keep in mind that before the Baltimore Post-Examiner even interviewed Tobiasson in 2018, Tobiasson according to Connie Land told her about receiving information from Grimmett.  Tobiasson’s connection to Grimmett was confirmed as we previously reported that Grimmett is mentioned in text messages from Tobiasson to Land in 2017:

Text message from Tobiasson to retired LVMPD detective

Tobiasson: 5/13/2017 1:42 PM – Haven’t heard from Grimmett but my other friend is in DC and promised he would call me first thing Monday morning.

Tobiasson: 7/22/2017 8:59 PM – I haven’t heard anything. I’m in Malibu until next Friday.  I will reach out to Grimmett when I get back.

Tobiasson: 10/14/2017 3:55 PM – You have no reason to feel like an idiot. They are corrupt assholes.  It wouldn’t have mattered how you treated them.

Land: 10/14/2017 9:31 PM – I have emailed you all the text messages with Dosch. Does not include photos. Texts with [LVMPD Vice Det. Greg] Flores. Syd’s data talk and text messages.

Tobiasson: 10/20/2017 7:05 AM – Do you have the content of your texts between you and Dosch.

Land tells Homicide Detective Mitchell Dosch about Tobiasson and Grimmett

The following texts messages between Connie Land and Detective Mitchell Dosch confirm that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department was aware of Tobiasson’s actions since 2017:

Land:10/24/2017 8:14 PM – Detective, Tobiasson told me she needs all correspondence of my communication with you – emails, text messages, phone calls – I sent them to her.

Land:10/25/2017 6:29 AM – She wanted every communication between us – to not trust you.

Land:10/25/2017 6:41 AM – Detective she reached out to me first of May.

Land:10/25/2017 6:43 AM – She said from the beginning you have not wanted to investigate this. Grimmett was very upset when he suggested different things to try – he was taken off the case a month into it. There is so much….

Land:4/13/2018 9:32 AM – She referenced Grimmett countless times throughout the six months we were in communication. She said he is the only one I could trust. I am not saying anything one way or the other – but you need to know these things.

Land:4/13/2018 9:35 AM – I am not sharing this information to cast doubt, but I need you to know the communication and things that Melanie Tobiasson was saying in regard to Detective Grimmett.

Land:4/20/2018 6:32 AM – Melanie told me Grimmett was providing her the information from the case. She told me the only person I can trust is Grimmett. The first time I met her she had information I had never heard. I have heard too many things she said about Grimmett. Someone close to this case continually feeds Melanie what’s going on.

Dosch:4/20/2018 7:56 AM – In my opinion Melanie has lost her mind. Also, I trust Grimmett with my life. He is a good and righteous man with the victims best interest at heart.

Dosch:5/19/2018 5:08 PM – I’m sorry Connie, I couldn’t disagree with you more. I am proud to say there is absolutely no corruption with me or my partner or anyone in homicide. I know that with every fiber of my being. The folks in homicide are the only ones involved in this case. If anyone wishes to make an allegation against me they will be proven wrong. [Not so, the LVMPD Vice unit was also involved in the case, as I previously stated.]


Connie Land Deserves Answers

First of all, I would have a real serious problem with my partner if I found out that he was leaking confidential information concerning an active double homicide investigation that we were both working on together.

As a former criminal investigator, I find it appalling that Grimmett was providing all the details of the investigation to Tobiasson, as Tobiasson has admitted to both the Baltimore Post-Examiner and Connie Land.  Tobiasson’s own voice and text messages speak for itself.

I don’t care if Tobiasson had a personal and or a professional relationship with Grimmett.  Grimmett had no business leaking information to her.  What makes it even worse was that Tobiasson and her daughter had involvement with Shane Valentine, a suspect in the double murders.

Why was Tobiasson so concerned about what the double homicide investigation was uncovering, so much so that she had to poison Connie Land’s mind into thinking she couldn’t trust Det. Dosch and that Grimmett was the only one to be trusted and asked Land to turn over all her communication messages with Dosch to her.

Did Grimmett document his conversations with Tobiasson in his investigative report and were his supervisors aware of what he was doing?

Was Grimmett aware of Tobiasson and her daughter’s involvement with Valentine while he was providing information to her?

Confidentiality, notwithstanding, proper police investigative protocols, demand that details of an active homicide investigation remain confidential.  Information is so critical during an investigation and to compromise an ongoing investigation by releasing information to anyone that does not have a need to know, is incomprehensible.

Now let’s get to this alleged internal affairs “investigation” that IAB Det. Williams told Connie Land he had conducted.

What was the scope of that investigation; were Grimmett and Tobiasson interviewed; did Grimmett submit to a polygraph examination?

Is this just another LVMPD cover-up?

Why did the Office of the Sheriff give approval for Grimmett to make the comment to Crimewatch Daily in April 2018 that the DNA evidence found at the scene of the murders was useless?  Why did they allow the crime scene photographs to be shown?   This was still an open homicide investigation.

Connie Land turned over all the text messages that she had given Tobiasson to Det. Dosch in October of 2017.  She told Dosch about what Tobiasson had said about Grimmett giving her information.  What did Dosch do, did he turn over all that information to his supervisors and if so why wasn’t an internal affairs investigation conducted at that time?

If an IA investigation was done at that time then there would have been no need for IAB Det. Williams to conduct another inquiry when Land made her complaint!

As far as Grimmett not violating a department policy by leaking information to Tobiasson, as Land was told by Williams, if that is the case then the LVMPD has some real serious problems.

Police corruption, misconduct, negligence, and incompetence surround this case and to make matters even more complicated Tobiasson’s involvement raises further red flags.

Tobiasson told the Baltimore Post-Examiner that when LVMPD Vice detectives outed her and her daughter to Allie Bowden in front of her LVMPD police officer father on October 25, 2016, that led to the murders of Sydney Land and Nehemiah Kauffman.  We still do not have a full explanation on that.

Did someone at that meeting have a motive to commit the murders?

Listen to the following audio clip of Tobiasson talking about the murders.

Connie Land also spoke with LVMPD Criminal Intelligence detectives about Tobaisson and as we reported in previous stories the FBI in 2018 asked for her cellphone because they wanted Tobiasson’s messages.

Land had her suspicions about talking to the LVMPD Criminal Intelligence detectives as you can see from Land’s text messages to a CI detective.

A retired ranking member of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department made this comment to the Baltimore Post-Examiner concerning the LVMPD’s Criminal Intelligence unit:

“The biggest red flag to me is that Criminal Intelligence is nothing but a hit squad for the Clark County Sheriff.  It doesn’t mean that they kill people, but all the way back to Bill Young and probably before that… they are purported to be overseeing the Mafia stuff… when in reality they get involved in the elections, undermining candidates, digging dirt on candidates (and reporters like you), arranging for DUI arrests if people criticize them, doing surveillance on their own people, using TAS (computer and video specialists) … In essence, they should have had nothing to do with the public corruption or murder investigations!  The only reason that they would have been involved would be to protect the sheriff and his people (including Vice)!!!”

The unsolved double murders of Sydney Land and Nehemiah Kauffman is all that matters here. Two people were brutally shot in the head and the killer(s) are still out there.

Land was told by Crime Stoppers last week that they have not received one tip or phone call relating to the murders — ever.

In a text message obtained by the Baltimore Post-Examiner, Tobiasson told a retired LVMPD detective last year, “My story and the information I have gathered has the potential to take down the entire legal and law enforcement community in Las Vegas.”

Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo (Screenshot Fox News)

This is all so disturbing including the fact that the Las Vegas community know nothing of the FBI’s almost five-year-old federal corruption probe of the LVMPD and the FBI’s investigation into Jamal Rashid aka Mally Mall’s sex-trafficking business.

What say you Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo?

What say you Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson?

What say you Federal Bureau of Investigation Las Vegas Division?

What say you US Attorney for the District of Nevada Nicholas A. Trutanich?

Not a damn thing so far

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    Connie Land ruined this investigation. Connie Land kicked her own daughter out and would talk to Sydney calling her Neos puppet bitch. Sydney hated her no as her mom turned her back on her. Sydney and Frankie were bestfriends and Sydney and Frankie had a bond that will never be broken. The truth came out a long time ago but Connie did not like it. She can’t stand that her daughter was a prostitute and there’s nothing she can do t protect that image besides play it like she feared for her life. Sydney was afraid of Shane not Neo. Connie is a miserable lying bitch who plays a big role in why her daughter moved out and never came back. You can blame steve all day Connie but it was you she hates and you know that. Talking to your medians and everything else convincing yourself to rid yourself of guilt isn’t going to work. Sydney knows the truth and deep down so did you. You’re one of the biggest lying and manipulative condescending cunts

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      “Ashley” the alias. Any coward can spew BS when hiding behind a moniker. If you have something to say stop acting like a piece of trash and go on the record. Until then go back under the rock with the rest of the slime where you belong. Attacking the mother of a murdered girl just shows how low you are. Neo was a pimp and manipulated Sydney, just like all pimps do with the women they ensnare. His criminal activity led to the murders and his so called “friends” know exactly who did the murders but stay in the background like cowards and fail to come forward.

  • Doug Poppa
    June 30, 2019 at 1:58 PM

    “Contrary to what the public is mistakenly led to believe (by the Internal Affairs Bureaus, that they go after bad cops) from my experience, they cover up fraud and criminality within their own department in order to protect the image of their individual departments. Only on rare occasion, in order to save face with the public, they will fry a few little fish, while the barracudas, the big kahunas who are responsible come out smelling like a rose in the manure they dwell in.”

    Det. Frank Serpico (NYPD Ret.) commenting on Facebook about this Baltimore Post-Examiner story.

  • June 29, 2019 at 5:58 PM

    I don’t want to come across as arrogant and I’m certainly not criticizing everyone with LVMPD or DA’s office. There are a lot of good cops & good people with the DA’s office. These stories attacking certain individuals gets people upset because the people who do know whats went on know that some of the people who are being attacked its not justified. Like I stated earlier, there are a select few people involved with dishonesty and unethical practices with this situation. I also want to reiterate that there is NOT a problem in homicide for Connie so she can be rest assured she is safe dealing with either of those homicide detectives. Trust me, you need them Connie because nobody is going to solve the case without them. I didn’t like Grimmet being attacked because frankly he is a honest and good cop as is his partner, as Tobiasson is a good Judge! And any past dealings with homicide has been nothing but good coming out of that division of Metro. They personally solved and arrested someone who murdered a family member of mine so I do know they are good. Baughman started to go bad around 2011 and who all knew or suspected anything couldn’t speak up without getting the raft of Lt. or possibly the raft of pimps. This began in Gillespie administration!! He pushed it to far when he started playing with Mally and having an affair with Mercer and obviously the FBI didn’t like it either because they started an investigation. Nobody of any good liked it and so nobody would get the raft a memo went out to the DA’s office regarding the situation in hopes it would be stopped immediately. I don’t think Lombardo knew that was going on at the time. I’m pretty sure he didn’t. I think possibly the FBI took him by surprise when they surfaced and LVMPD wasn’t invited to the raid of Mally’s house like the media put it. What nobody will ever understand is why a few are still employed by Metro and or the DA’s office without any kind of punishment whatsoever. Baughman disappointed and fooled a lot of people including his coworkers and like wise with Mercer. Everybody seems to pay the price, but Baughman or Mercer. So in saying all that Connie everyone totally understands your hesitation and trust issues and they are certainly justified in some ways, but you can trust Homicide. What is important at this point is the person or person(s) involved in the murder of your beautiful daughter and Neo are arrested and sent away forever!!! And hopefully the people who need to be held accountable for all the in between the US Attorney will step up and see this never happens again. Nobody is betting on it, but maybe he will fool us all and do something!

    • June 29, 2019 at 6:11 PM

      Wrath typo again. My apologies for any typos but this subject just pisses me off.

    • Doug Poppa
      June 30, 2019 at 1:46 AM

      “Sue” since you believe you have all the answers why don’t you come forward and stop hiding behind an anonymous alias. Who are you are really and what’s your motive here, to possibly protect yourself and or corrupt associates. Anybody can anonymously throw things out there because they will never back it up by coming forward. There are cops and then there are bad cops. The good cops are the ones who come forward and expose the corruption and misconduct and don’t just go along to get along. The Land/Kauffman murder investigation was compromised the second Det. Grimmett released confidential details of the investigation to Judge Tobiasson, as she admitted that Grimmett did. Tobiasson allowed her underage high school daughter at the time to knowingly hang out at an unlicensed strip club, owned by pimps, frequented by criminals and corrupt LVMPD police officers, by her own admission. Tobiasson also broke the law and judicial ethics by threatening Valentine through his attorney, then kicked in the door to his residence, by her own admission. She did not come forward publicly immediately when she became aware of the alleged corruption in 2015. She told the judicial commission investigator that she never wanted the KLAS-TV I Team interview to be aired and even sent a letter to KLAS stating so. It was only after it was aired that she gave me a recorded interview. Tobiasson has a lot to answer for and so does the LVMPD and the district attorney’s office on numerous topics.

      Do you know how crazy you sound when you say that the police are paying me to destroy Tobiasson. Sorry, but she did that all on her own. I have been criticizing Lombardo for over two years now in numerous articles.

      Lombardo, Wolfson, Mercer and the cabal of corrupt cops who tarnished their badge for the sake of money and sex, some retired, some still employed are a stain on the integrity of the entire department.

      Good cops don’t stand by and let this happen. Their silence condones this corruption. Cover-ups have been going on in one form or another since Jerry Keller was sheriff and way before.

      They all deserve whatever happens down the pike, if indeed anything happens at all. Do you really think that the local FBI division and the US Attorney’s Office are immune from corruption?

      Tobiasson is a sitting judge who went on the record with an investigative journalist and made some startling revelations. By her position itself it gives her credibility. That being said she has done many things wrong. What she did to Connie Land is reason enough why she should be removed from the bench in my opinion.

      What she said about the murders, the corruption and FBI Special Agent Kevin White may very well all be fact, but that does not excuse what she did in the other instances.

      My friend Frank Serpico has a comment that he frequently uses, that the whole freaking system is corrupt and it does not matter where you live.

      Those who never put it all on the line for the sake of honor, integrity and principle and never walked the walk, shouldn’t talk the talk.

      I will continue to write the stories I write because they have to be told and I don’t give a damn if anyone likes them or not.

      • June 30, 2019 at 1:33 PM

        And…when a parent first learns about their daughters being around a pimp the usual reaction is they freak. Mothers love for their kids kicks in. A lot ot times they weren’t even aware and that doesn’t make them a bad parent! Let me tell you that pimps don’t discriminate who’s daughters they go after. When a parent reaches out to LE and its ignored and their own is at risk parents sometimes decide to start getting involved. Does’t mean they are wrong or right. I’m sure not going to defend any pimp, and any of the ones that have been mentioned I made it clear they are far from being saints! Nor was Robert Sharpe lilly white! His victim is lucky to be alive today. The problem here is that Baughman/Mercer destroyed the judicial system and anything it ever stood for. As much as I hate to even say it Fleming did not get a fair trial and possibly a few more. That’s the bigger issue here!

        • Doug Poppa
          June 30, 2019 at 3:47 PM

          The best way to keep your children safe is not to allow your underage children to frequent unlicensed clubs owned and operated by pimps and frequented by criminals and corrupt cops looking for underage prostitutes, and then scream foul when one of those pimps ‘tries” recruits your daughter for prostitution.

          Knock off all the nonsense, the mother of the year award she will never get.

          And try to dissuade your daughters from working in adult book stores, not a great environment to be in!!!!

          • June 30, 2019 at 4:20 PM

            Ok Doug, we don’t agree on that subject. There are pieces of that puzzle missing which you are not aware, but homicide is and I’m sure IAB is now, but its not my place to say!

          • June 30, 2019 at 4:28 PM

            And…IAB made the correct decision! As much as anyone don’t want to hear that they did.

          • Doug Poppa
            June 30, 2019 at 4:54 PM

            “Sue” you sound more like a public relations person for Tobiasson.

            If you truly know about this “memo” you keep referring to and you are so concerned about the corruption as you say, then why don’t you come forward publicly and tell what you know and knock off the BS.

            Another thing, Tobiasson is a sitting judge, a former Clark County prosecutor and a member of the bar and when she allowed her underage daughter to associate with known criminals that is a crime, it’s called contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

            Tobiasson admitted that she knew some of the pimps because one of them had a case in front of her. Did she recuse herself on that case? She also said that one of the pimps in the club was “protecting” her daughter while she was inside the club and that that pimp told her daughter that your mother always treated us good when we were in court. And then her daughter went to work in the same club. Tobiasson told me all that in my recorded interview.

            “Sue”, how the hell can you or anybody else support what she did.

            Also, she accepted a plea deal for Valentine. She as a judge did not have to accept that plea deal and that left Valentine on the street and that was before the double murders occurred.

            As for Grimmett, if Tobiasson has told the truth, then Grimmett is a disgrace as a homicide cop because he had no business divulging anything to her. He should have cut her off immediately and told her that it was inappropriate for her to be even asking him for confidential information on a double murder that he was investigating. That is what a professional cop with integrity would have done.

            Let me ask you a question “Sue”?

            If your daughter or son was shot in the head and Tobiasson and Grimmett did what they did and then the detective goes on national television and tells the world that the DNA evidence was useless and the police release crime scene photographs all the while the case is open and unsolved?

            Secondly, you have no idea what I know. I have yet to even scratch the surface on this whole disgusting mess.

          • June 30, 2019 at 6:24 PM

            First, I was interviewed by LE. They want more information they have my number and certainly know how to find me. Nobody is hiding from them, nor is anyone hiding from LVMPD or any of them or homicide for that matter. I told the truth. And the US Atty surely wouldnt have a problem finding anyone the FBI has interviewed because I’m sure they turned all that information over. Have you ever thought that maybe people are waiting and giving the benefit of doubt to the US Attorney. Secondly, no I’m not Tobiasson’s “public relations” person. And you have no idea what I know, so maybe cut some slack here. Nor do I think Tobiasson was trying to achieve the mother of the year award because no parent I have met is perfect! Its not unusual for people who work in the judicial system or with LE to know who the pimps are because 99.9 % of the time they are repeat offenders. The word travels fast. As far as her court hearing with Valentine I wasn’t there, nor have I heard a word out of the prosecutors mouth or defense attorneys mouth on any decision she made or didn’t make that takes more than a Judge to make all those decisions and agree. I heard Valentines name years ago long before he made himself become a headliner. And yes he did it to himself, no sympathy here for him. As far as any detective going on tv and talking I can’t answer for that, but I can tell you that if you can’t handle that now you surely won’t be able to handle those pictures they show in court of crime scene because they will and they do when the case finally makes it to a courtroom, and I sure hope that happens for the Land family. Been there, done that! It’s not probably what the family should see and I feel for Connie Land if that came to her unexpected, and yes I know how she feels because I have had to see the crime scene pictures of my loved one who was shot. Nah, not pretty and not the best memory, but I’m sure glad those detectives in homicide with LVMPD were so good at doing their jobs and thankful for it!

  • June 29, 2019 at 10:47 AM

    Just to add…look into why Anthony Galasi aka Frost was given a smoking deal and “accidentally” released from CCDC after Aryanne told the prosecutor she wanted no deals and wanted to testify. Because Flores made a deal with him I’m December of 2016 and lied to the prosecutor and told her Aryanne was refusing to testify. Nobody notified Aryanne and Frost got credit for time served and was ordered released from jail by Flores despite his no bail bond.

    • June 30, 2019 at 12:22 PM

      My apologies I shouldn’t have thrown the statement out there about you and the cops, I was a little irritated at the time. My bad. Secondly, the reason I haven’t came forward along with a few others because we are giving the US Attorney opportunity to do something about it. I have never condoned what went on with Baughman or any potential officer that was involved. I was speaking from my own eyes what I seen or know. I wouldn’t know about the US Attorney’s office and any corruption because I have never had any dealings with them. As far as the FBI (Las Vegas) I found them to be very professional and ethical in any dealings I had with them. As far as Grimmet he is a good cop! Nobody can take that away from him and I wasn’t going to say something that was not the truth about his character. As far as his conversation with Tobiasson that’s not my call and obviously IAB didn’t think it was a issue. You and I don’t agree on Tobiasson. She is a good Judge and a honest one at that. Like I said below some of the things she may have said and believed at the time were not accurate, but that doesn’t take away from the fact she is a good Judge and a honorable person. And as far as the pimps don’t even get me started on them because rest assure if they got ahold of my daughter it would end ugly. So I’m not going to judge any mother who does what she thinks she needs to do to protect her child. I thought she was being nice reaching out to his attorney and I never seen one story that the attorney said Tobiasson threatened his client either. Frankly, I wouldn’t have been as nice I would have went straight to the pimp and it would have ended ugly, no doubt! As to Baughman/Mercer I have let my opinion be known and I believe that they should both have consequences for their actions. And it all snow balled because of those two and their actions. As far as the “memo” that went to the DA’s office and what happen from there nobody knows because nothing has ever been said. That was never given to anybody at LVMPD and I wasn’t going to say it was because it wasn’t. That falls on Wolfson’s office, not LVMPD.

  • June 29, 2019 at 10:06 AM

    And lets remember who is the person who continues to plea the 5th? The buck stops there and with the DA’s office for not acting on the memo. He went to the dark side and consequently the sh-t piled up and continued.

  • June 29, 2019 at 9:48 AM

    And to get this straight…The FBI was investigating and their findings were to be turned over to the US Attorney and it is up to the US Attorney to proceed or not.

  • June 29, 2019 at 9:14 AM

    Now to remind everyone the “memo” on Baughman and Mercer was sent to the DA’s office in 2012. Wolfson office should be ashamed they didn’t stop it all then!!!

  • June 29, 2019 at 8:53 AM

    Sorry Connie but you are 100 percent wrong about Melanie. Maybe some of the things she said and believed at the time were not accurate because she was still trying to figure everything out, but trying to make her the bad guy is so way off base. She tried to get vice to investigate Valentine from December 2015 until the murder. She knew how dangerous he was and tried endlessly. What she didn’t know is that they were never going to do anything to him. They still aren’t. They outed her in hopes she would shut up. He killed Neo and your beautiful daughter. Trust me, they all know it. Grimmett solved it and then he was told to stand down. He was sent to Tobiasson by the brass to try to convince her he was wrong about Shane being involved. Poppa..You are way out of line making her the bad guy. All that says to me and others is metro got to you and made you attack her. Otherwise you would be focusing on the reality of this murder being covered up because a cops stepdaughter is a suspect. It happened 8 hours after vice officers intentionally exposed her because she wouldn’t back off and possibly because of her dismissal of a murder case 5 days earlier. Let’s not forget the murder at Top Notch in September of 2016. Tobiasson was telling them about Top Notch In July 2015. They did nothing. Poppa, you are only helping metro cover up this horrific murder and all of the corruption surrounding it by claiming she has been anything but a woman trying to get help, then justice, then expose corruption. Criminal intelligence followed her for months and Sheriff Lombardo accused her of drug trafficking. Lombardo, Wolfson, Robert Dasia’s, Chris Lillian and LaRochelle (who withheld exculpatory evidence in a homicide case resulting in an innocent woman doing more than a decade in prison while he was in prison, and after that was disclosed, became Sheriff Lombardo driver and was promoted to captain), met with the Chief Judge in Justice Court and told him he was to go to Melanie and remove her from her criminal cases and send her to civil. Not because she was actually biased against metro or the DAs office, but because she publicly exposed corruption. The fact they were confidant enough to have this meeting believing that the Chief Judge would do what he was told, claim it as his own idea and never tell a soul about this meeting says that they have done this so successfully so many times that they had no reason to believe this meeting would end any differently. Wolfson told the Chief Judge that if he didn’t do as he was told, they would file a judicial discipline complaint against her (which they have done). Isn’t this extortion or blackmail? Lombardo almost stroked out when he found out Tobiasson knew. Brief aside. Interesting to note that when Tobiasson met with Lombardo after the double homicide of Sydney and Neo, Dano Giersdorf was squirreled away in the next office.

    • June 29, 2019 at 9:46 AM

      Typo corrections Robert Dasia’s, Chris Lilli

      • June 29, 2019 at 9:46 AM


  • June 29, 2019 at 1:21 AM

    Connie Land,
    I’m so sorry about your daughter and I feel your pain. Losing a child is the most painful thing a parent can endure and losing her in the way you did is horrific and I hope the responsible person(s) are charged soon. I don’t want to add to your pain, but I got to tell you that you are being played. The only way they can keep you subdued is to convince you that Tobiasson and Grimmett are the bad guys. That’s what they always do. I can rest assure you that is not the case. Flores and Dano told Aryanne that Tobiasson had a vendetta against metro because she thought her brothers death was a murder and she was mad at metro for not investigating it. They did investigate it and those detectives were some of the best guys ever!! Do you really believe, considering what she has subjected her set to by publicly exposing the corruption and coverups involving Shane Valentine, Frost, Top Notch and ultimately the murders of Sydney and Neo, that if she thought her brother’s death was anything but a suicide, she would have just let it go. She has never said anything to anyone since the day almost 20 years ago when her brother died, that it was a suicide. She has taught classes to first responders on how to help the surviving family members of people who have committed suicide. Whoever told you that was her issue with metro used that to convince you that she was using you. THEY are using and lying to you. Sad.

  • June 29, 2019 at 12:24 AM

    And when Robert Sharpe died up in Ely of supposed heat stroke on a 73 degree day, Chris Baughman’s brother was a guard at said prison. FBI thinks it was a murder, metro knows it was a murder and it was a murder committed because he was one more person who could validate Ocean and Raymond.

    • June 30, 2019 at 1:18 AM

      Robert Sharpe died at High Desert State Prison. There has been several stories one in the Review Journal reported on July 10, 2017, the coroner stated it was heat exhaustion on another story they claimed it was Pulmonary Thromboembolism.

  • June 28, 2019 at 10:33 PM

    And…had the DA’s office put a stop to it all when they received a “memo” nobody would even be having these discussions today! Anybody who had tried to do the right thing has been either “ousted” or ripped into pieces.

  • June 28, 2019 at 9:53 PM

    Additionally, Greg Flores also executed 2 search warrants at Dano Giersdorf’s house. One in November 2016 and one in February 2016. Flores skirted Aryanne out of town in December of 2016, in his personal car, just days after she provided a statement to Det Dosch naming Shane Valentine, Domo and Frankie as the people who committed the murders, confirming the cell phone tower pings and DNA evidence. She was discredited by Dosch and then, concidentally, found by her pimp Frost 2 days later, then arrested by her sister and suspect, Frankie’s godfather, days later after giving a statement to Flores and Grimmett stating that Dano had molested her and Frankie and then transported to jail, unhandcuffed, by an officer who is known by many prostitutes to be one of those like Beas & Baughman who have sex with prostitutes to keep them from going to jail.

  • June 28, 2019 at 9:46 PM

    Additionally, Greg Flores also executed 2 search warrants at Dano Giersdorf’s house. One in November 2016 and one in February 2016. Flores skirted Aryanne out of town in December of 2016, in his personal car, just days after she provided a statement to Det. Dosch naming Shane Valentine, Domo and Frankie as the people who committed the murders, confirming the cell phone tower pings and DNA evidence. She was discredited by Dosch and then, concidentally, found by her pimp Frost 2 days later, then arrested by her sister and suspect, Frankie’s grandfather, days later after giving a statement to Flores and Grimmett stating that Dano had molested her and Frankie and then transported to jail, unhandcuffed, by an officer who is known by many prostitutes to be one of those like Beas, Baughman who have sex with prostitutes to keep them from going to jail.,

  • June 28, 2019 at 9:38 PM

    Doug Poppa,
    This is the problem for me wanting to come forward. You know exactly what Judge Tobiasson’s motives were in requesting information on this double homicide since approximately 8 hours earlier, Vice Detective Justin Gadus intentionally disclosed her as a source of information believed to be close to Shane Valentine. Considering Shane Valentine, according to LVMPD, is the only named person of interest in that homicide, Neo supposedly being the pimp for whom the person Gadus outed Tobiasson to had left Shane Valentine for, you know exactly why she was interested in the double homicide. Why you have turned on her and made her the bad guy is beyond me and a lot of people and I can only assume it is because metro got to you and persuaded you to try to discredit her. And they certainly had no problem revealing her name to someone involved with Shane and Neo quite possibly creating the catalyst that ended in the double homicide 8 hours later.

  • June 28, 2019 at 11:54 AM

    Nice work again Doug and commentator Sue, please tell me how I can get rid of Liz Mercer! For many reasons, I find her misconducts the very worst of all of them and she’s still banking her PERS these five years later! Sometime this summer, I will declare the entire Vice Scandal matter deader than shit and never to revive. Ms Land and others will never know justice in this matter for their loved ones and that isn’t at all unusual here in Las Vegastan. They’ve got Mr Valentine up at Warm Springs likely for his protection so he can be popped when he’s released with NYE 2021?…it looks like they’re letting the trash take itself out which is old school cop stuff the FBI appears to be directing on this case here.

    • June 28, 2019 at 4:41 PM

      Couldn’t agree with you more. Her conduct was the worst of them all. And pretty soon the truth will come out! The “memo” for sure will.

    • June 29, 2019 at 12:54 AM

      Shane Valentine, who was given a smoking deal by Mark DiGiacomo, is up for parole on July 16.

  • June 28, 2019 at 1:07 AM

    Let me clarify a few things. First, I don’t know that Lombardo was even aware of the “memo” because nobody was going to go to LVMPD about that at the time in fear of who all was involved in Vice and the connection there. The “memo” didn’t make it to LVMPD. So he probably wasn’t aware. It was sent to the DA’s office and it made it there! What happen from there its never been mentioned so nobody knows. It was a select few people involved with protecting pimps and that wasn’t every Vice officer in Vice at the time. Baughman was the Golden Child of Vice in Lt Hughes eyes and he was left running the show. If he would have been stopped at the time of notice of the “memo” along with Mercer they wouldn’t have been able to carry on, and Mally wouldn’t have had the protection and the pimps below him would have felt the fallout. Would that have stopped then from pimping, probably not. It sure would have put a big dent into their pimping business. Shane Valentines name was known at that time by Vice. No secret there. HIs name was mentioned several times.

  • June 27, 2019 at 4:29 PM

    Warren Gray introduced Baughman to Mally. I find that interesting since LVMPD has a policy against associating with ill and repute people. Why is he still employed by LVMPD? Not to mention, why hasn’t anyone went back on NCIC and seen the people they gave information out on to people that were not in LE?

  • June 27, 2019 at 1:53 PM

    Just email me or add me on Facebook. I will alter your view on Las Vegas corruption. It’s huge bigger then this trust me.


  • June 27, 2019 at 9:34 AM

    Just to add..Did Ocean Fleming get a fair trial? NO Did Raymond Sharpe get a fair trial? NO. Mercer and Baughman destroyed the credibility of the Judicial system. Not saying Fleming or Sharpe or a few others are saints they certainly are not, but they did deserve fair trials like anyone would want if charged. Do we think there is a cover up in the DA’s office? Absolutely! When they got a “memo” they didn’t act on it. Consequently, it continued and unfortunately it cost people their lives.

  • June 27, 2019 at 9:16 AM

    And where do people go from here? If one puts their name out there and stands up to the wrongs that has been done then you are a target. Can’t go to LVMPD, DA’s office at this point. The FBI is no longer involved as far as anyone knows and the US Attorney’s office is obviously doing nothing.

    • June 27, 2019 at 11:53 PM

      It takes a strong person to stand up to politics and take the crap they are going to throw at one for doing so but I think the truth needs to come out so the system can be made pure again. Maybe the people who know something can file a complaint at the US Attorneys and go from there or go to the Department of Justice or mail a copy to every media person out there annonmously. I’m sure they would start asking Wolfson questions.

    • June 27, 2019 at 11:54 PM

      Or mail a copy to the defense team.

  • June 27, 2019 at 8:56 AM

    I don’t think Land has anything to worry about with Homicide. Never seen them do anything wrong and they were always sincere about their investigations, nor did I ever see them answer to Vice. Again, everyone has taken the fallout for “bad cops.” I would be more concerned about the DA’s office and the few “bad” ones still employed by LVMPD today! Like I stated in your previous article if Wolfson’s office would have acted on the “memo” it would have never ended up getting to this point. Baughman (and his crew) and Mercer would have went down and the pimps would have fell and no longer been protected by Vice. That’s what is so disgusting!!!!

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