Industries Where Fire Watch Guards Are Needed The Most

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Image by Schäferle from Pixabay

Fires can happen anytime and anywhere. This is the reason why many businessmen, managers, and even the government do their best to prevent them from happening. As it may incur unimaginable damages and possible loss of lives, there must be necessary prevention and evacuation plans.

One of the trusted ways of solving this issue is through hiring fire watch guards. They are a type of security guard that provides specialist service, is specially trained, and have extensive expertise offered to clients who are planning to build or currently repairing a fire prevention system. Their services are also sometimes availed in different scenarios and situations.

To give you more idea if the business industry you are in needs fire watch guards, here are some of the possible scenarios.


Construction sites require fire watch guards. This is because they still don’t have or currently installing fire protection equipment and systems. These guards have to pinpoint possible areas with fire hazards, ensure pathways leading to fire exit are clear, and other preventive measures. As we also know, construction sites use flammable materials and light items that can easily catch fire. Therefore, fire watch guards could be the best option when there are still no systems installed on the site.

Private Venues

If you own a private venue that could be hired by clients, getting the service of fire watch guards gives that extra layer of protection against fire. Though you may have the best fire protection system available, attendees (or intruders) can cause fires. As a part of their duty, these guards could also have the proper knowledge and skills to point out suspicious-looking people who are manning the area. Besides, these guards can also serve as crowd control.


Let’s be honest – children love having carefree fun. These kids could start a fire without knowing it. Some may say that the fires caused by children could be easily be extinguished, but a small fire can cause the biggest ones. In addition, kids of younger age may not be familiar with the necessary action to take when there’s fire. It is important to have fire watch guards that will lead them to the nearest fire exit and ensure their safety.


Even though your company deals with products or items that can’t produce fire, offices are also prone to fires. There are many possible reasons when it happens, just like faulty wirings or overheating computer equipment, to name a few. Some companies may assign an employee for the task of being a fire watch patrol, but this should not be the case. Many workers could be panicked and forget about the necessary protocols they have to remember. It is better to just hire fire watch guards.

Since we know that fire can happen anytime and anywhere, it is safe to say that hiring fire watch guards is the best option no matter what industry your business is in. Aside from the peace of mind, it will help you prevent loss and go through the claims process of insurance companies. If you are looking to hire fire watch guards, you may be surprised that they are easy to be found nowadays. You may even find the best one through social media.