5 Great Tips to Remember When Choosing a Rug

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A rug can have a huge impact on your space. Rugs can help tie your entire room together. They have the power to make a space appear both inviting and comfortable. The colors and patterns of a rug can help create the energetic feel of fun or make you feel calm and peaceful when you walk into a room. Using a rug to upgrade your space is an option that is both stylish and budget-friendly. Make sure that you use these tips to find the perfect rug to complement your home.

Location Is Important

The location of your future rug will determine the size, shape, and material of your rug. You’ll need to know where it is going to be to figure out the size that you will need. If your rug is going to be placed under furniture, this will tell you what shape you need. For example, you need a circular rug underneath a circular coffee table.

Last, and most importantly, you need to know where the rug will be placed to be able to determine the material of your future rug. Wool rugs are more durable than other materials, making them an exceptional choice for high traffic areas. Shag rugs and fur rugs are soft and comfortable. This makes them a great choice for rugs that will go beside your bed. Once you know where your future rug will be, you can find your dream piece.


When picking out a rug, it’s important to know what size you need before you make a purchase. Carefully measure the area. If you find that the area is not the same as the standard rug size, select one of the standard sizes that are close, but slightly larger than the area measured. It’s always better to have a rug that is a few inches too big instead of one that is a little bit too small.


The material of a rug will determine how durable the rug is, and how much time you will spend on maintenance. Rugs made from natural fibers that are more durable, such as wool, are known for being easy to clean. You can simply toss them in the washer! Products made of synthetic fiber are known for being low maintenance because they are stain-resistant. Maintenance requires vacuuming them once per week.

Likewise, some rugs are known for requiring a significant amount of care, such as fur rugs or those made from bamboo silk. Other materials, such as dyed silk rugs, are best left in places where they will not be walked on or be subject to spills because they tend to wear easily, and spills can make the colors run together. Carefully consider where your rug will be placed, and then choose the material that works for your space.


Carefully choose the color of your rug before you start shopping for your dream piece. Opt for dark colors in areas with a lot of foot traffic because these colors do not show dirt as easily. Neutral colors are always a great idea to create harmony in a room. Choosing a solid color rug in a color that complements the current decorating scheme in your home is a wonderful idea! Carefully select a color that coordinates well with the rest of your room.


The pattern of your rug should also complement your decorating style. Floral patterns are extremely versatile. Geometric and abstract patterns pair perfectly with modern decorating schemes. Opt for vintage pieces of those with bold colors and patterns to use your rug as a conversation piece. A colorful pattern will complement contemporary decor. When using busy patterns, it’s important to only have one rug per space. Too many rugs with this design pattern will make the room feel chaotic.

Rugs are an exceptional and affordable way to let your personality be seen in your decor. Make sure that you keep these tips in mind when browsing San Fransisco rugs to find your next rug!

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