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In My Imagination

Far I have traveled

much I have seen

In my imagination

in my endless dreams

So many images

I’ve come to see in time

Tangled in illusions

trapped within my mind

Ascending towards the surface

but caught beneath the waves

Looking for the answers

searching for the ways

She was like the wind

that took me by surprise

Caught me off my guard

and opened up my eyes

Floating like a leave

that is freed from the tree

Drifting through the sky

I met my destiny

Dancing like the shadows do

at the edge of night

Waiting for the dawn to break

waiting for daylight

She was like the sea

and I was like the shore

Wherever she would be

I’d be knocking at her door

She took me to her home

someplace far away

We cast our seed of hope

watch the sunshine through the rain

Living is so much easier

when your eyes are closed

Reading between the lines

a story goes untold

Far I have traveled

much I have seen

In my imagination

in my endless dreams

About the author

Greg Maier

Greg Maier, formerly of the Beasel Brothers, has been a songwriter who played the college circuit in the 1970s. The Beasel Brothers cut two demo tapes: Sunset Sessions 1986 and Living in the Past Lane. When not spending time with the family, he enjoys outdoors, dogs, nature, wildlife and sharing time with friends. His listens to country rock, folk, blues, melodic fingerstyle, blues and more. Self taught on guitar during his college years, he dabbled with penning some original songs, poems and performs at pubs, outside festivals, country clubs, weddings and plenty of campfire jamborees. He attended the Old Town School of Folk Music and was part of a John Prine Tribute class. To purchase his music: Contact the author.

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