Important facts relating to prescription eyeglasses

As more US consumers pivot towards online shopping for health supplies, consider these facts about prescription glasses

Most people who will require eyeglasses understand the importance of looking after their eyes but many of them have to work with a limited budget. At the same time, sites like,, and are becoming increasingly popular, as they do not rely on fancy and expensive showrooms – passing on the saving to consumers. It is indeed the case that US regulations now favor the consumer and facilitate alternative ways to buy glasses, more than ever before.

Let’s face it: Your eyesight is precious and no money in the world can buy a new pair of eyes. This is why it is so important to learn about all the options available and also the cost of having a new pair of prescription glasses. The situation becomes even more serious when one considers that eight out of every 10 US citizens over the age of 55 will have to use prescription eyeglasses. Going to a conventional optometrist for an eye examination and a pair of glasses can be a very costly endeavor. Until recently, most people reasonably expected to pay more than $200 out of their own pocket and it can be considerably more depending on all the extras which are selected. But this trend is changing as more folks order their glasses online, with prices reducing quite rapidly.

Improvements in medical technology paved the way for many additional options as far as eyeglasses are concerned. There are more expensive lenses, expensive frames, different lens coatings and when all of these things are added up the consumer can expect to pay a lot of money for those new eyeglasses. This is why everyone should keep their eyes open for alternative options when it becomes time to renew those eyeglasses. Many people are now shopping online for prescription eyeglasses and they are very satisfied with the results.

Making the best of available choices:

We all know that it is important to have your eyes examined on a regular basis. As soon as this has been done and it now becomes time to select those new eyeglasses many people are more concerned with the latest fashion trends then they are with proper eyesight. There are also many people who are suffering from a condition known as presbyopia which is simply a stiffening in the lens of the eye which can result in a situation where a person will struggle to focus on things which are close to their eyes. When reading they may have to keep the pages at arm’s length in order to be able to read the text. For people who might have developed presbyopia since their last eye examination might have to look at something such as multifocal lenses which can provide them with different strengths as far as the lenses are concerned. This will simply not be feasible when the consumer chooses some of those tiny and fashionable frame styles. Anyone who has an eye condition that will require bifocals or trifocals will have to use large frames. In order to have bifocals which are effective the vertical height of the frame has to be at least 1.25 inches.

Some facts relating to lenses

Nowadays many lenses are made from high technology plastics which is resulting in thinner, lighter and also very durable lenses. My last couple of eyeglasses had plastic lenses and not one of them have ever broken. Those lenses made of glass just have to fall once for them to break in pieces and then needing to be replaced. There are several lens types such as basic, mid-index, high index, polycarbonate and also high-definition lenses. obtaining such glasses from your local optometrist can cost you a lot of money and especially if there are several family members requiring eyeglasses. This is why purchasing those eyeglasses online is becoming a very attractive option for many people. A lot of money can be saved in this way. There are several excellent online retailers such as that has a very large range of frames from which consumers can choose. There are also many options as far as lenses are concerned and all of the types which have been mentioned above is available. There are also many coating options available for those people with sensitive eyes.

Understanding the various lens treatments

There are many options available such as lenses which is scratch resistant. There are also antireflective lenses, photochromic lenses as well as polarized sunglasses. Those antireflective lenses are perfect in order to reduce light reflections. They will be especially beneficial for people working on computer screens all day long and they can also be helpful to people driving at night when the glare from headlights can be problematic. It is also useful for public speakers who may be exposed to bright lights while on stage. There are people who may have had eye surgery and they too can benefit from antireflective lenses. As far as photochromic lenses are concerned, when outdoors these lenses will darken and therefore it is not necessary to wear prescription sunglasses. Then there are also polarized sunglasses which is intended to eliminate glare while enhancing contrast. They are often used by outdoor people while driving or when fishing especially to keep the reflection from the water out of their eyes.