I’m Blessed

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I’m Blessed

A blessed girl, I married Warren
God smiled down and all was well.
To make us feel really complete
He gave us the patter of little feet.
Along came Kathy, Beth, Richard and Tim.
Our life will begin.
For he and I life was going our way,
Six of us now to share each day.
Sometimes smiles, sometimes tears,
Lots of happiness, along with the fears.
Sometimes pain, but more of laughter
Shared with Warren, our sons and daughters.
Then God called Warren, he’s gone for a while
And I didn’t think I could make the next mile.
But all of my children, loving and kind,
Have slowly helped to change my mind.
They are now teaching and showing the way
To remember without pain, that I can still pray.
We will always love and think of Warren,
But know that this was surely God’s calling.
And when my time comes to join their dad,
I know they’ll remember the good life we had.
I know I’m no poet, but what I’m trying to say
To all of my children on this Mother’s Day,
God blessed me with them and we love one another,
And I’m so glad He chose me for their mother.

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