I’m back, and working on my lemonade recipe

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After a three year hiatus and life changing event this Alabama native is back on the scene to reestablish where she left off. As we all know when life gives you lemons you make lemonade, and I’ve made lots of it.

With that being said I hope to captivate my readers by making them laugh on their good and bad days with real life stories, engage in topics I discuss, rethink some things when it comes to dating or just wearing those Lululemon leggings before stepping out of the house because let’s face it laughter is the best medicine and I am that true friend that will be honest with you no matter the circumstance because I love you.

I could start this 1st blog off about me meeting my high school sweetheart, going to college, getting married, having a baby, moving out of state, having another baby, and divorcing but as I was told Christy your life is an autobiography. Let’s just say since my divorce, I’m making lemonade now, and I’m still trying to perfect the recipe with the perfect lemons for my fine taste buds.

I’m, a southern girl so you would think the recipe for lemonade is simple, a little sugar, some water and a few lemons , but if you haven’t been making it for a while it can be a little different it all depends on the lemons, amount of sugar you use, and where they were bought or grown.

I’m not professing myself as this expert in making lemonade because truth be told over the last three years the lemons that I was picking were either old, not ripe, too soft, or just pure bitter. Whatever the case may be, I had to take a time out in order to strategically modify the recipe just for my liking.

Although it has been noted that lemons are an acidic fruit with distinct flavors, taste, and colors. I prefer my lemons to be high in juice content and high acid level, with a smooth skin that is barely pitted which is usually found in the US.

There are other lemons that I have tried that just do not fit the bill nor come close for the perfect lemonade nor my liking.

As I continue to search for that perfect lemon in order to make my perfect lemonade, I can only hope that others will take time to observe, test, and figure out what types of lemons they prefer in their lemonade rather than rush or settle for something that doesn’t meet their taste bud needs.