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I Want a Leader

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I Want a Leader


I want a leader

who walks in the wood,

sits on a log

without thinking he could

Buy it or Build it,

make a new ‘hood.


I want a leader

who looks at a foe,

grants his humanity,

then lets anger go.


I want a leader

who laughs at each stumble,

makes no excuses,

values the humble.


I want a leader

who cries without shame

actively listens,

doesn’t play games.


I want a leader

better than me,

giving us hope,

helping us see.


I want a leader

who lives not on cheers,

hearing out critics

without throwing jeers.


I want a leader

who walks in the wood,

honoring peace,


the power of good.


I want a leader.







About the author

Len Shindel

Len Shindel began working at Bethlehem Steel’s Sparrows Point Plant in 1973, where he was a union activist and elected representative in local unions of the United Steelworkers, frequently publishing newsletters about issues confronting his co-workers. His nonfiction and poetry have been published in the “Other Voices” section of the Baltimore Evening Sun, The Pearl, The Mill Hunk Herald, Pig Iron, Labor Notes and other publications. After leaving Sparrows Point in 2002, Shindel, a father of three and grandfather of seven, began working as a communication specialist for an international union based in Washington, D.C. The International Labor Communications Association frequently rewarded his writing. He retired in 2016. Today he and his wife, Maxine, live in Garrett County where he enjoys writing, cross-country skiing, kayaking, hiking, fly-fishing and fighting for a more peaceful, sustainable and safe world for his grandchildren and their generation Contact the author.

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