BREAKING LATEST: Hurricane Sandy death toll climbs

President Barack Obama declared New York a major disaster Tuesday after Hurricane Sandy left 8.1 million customers across 17 states in the dark and left dozens dead.

Most of the victims were killed from falling trees, car accidents and in case a New Y0rk City police officer was found dead in his house – apparently when the basement was flooded. Obama declaring New York a major disaster allows the state to obtain federal funding.

BREAKING: The New York Times reported Nov. 1 that the death toll in the United States and Canada has climbed to nearly 100, in addition to the 69 deaths reported in the Caribbeans. A  2-year-old was knocked  out of his mother’s arm in New York and died after a deadly surge of water swept the child away on Monday – the day the storm hit the East Coast.

United States Deaths  

  • 48 in New York
  • 2 in Maryland
  • 4 in Connecticut
  • 12 in New Jersey
  • 1 in North Carolina
  • 4 in Connecticut
  • 2 in Virginia
  • 2 in West Virginia
  • 1 in Puerto Rcio
  • 5 in Pennsylvania
  • 1 HMS Bounty replica deckhand

Outside the U.S

  • 1 in Canada.
  • 68  in the Caribbean, including 54 in Haiti and 11 in Cuba

The cleanup and restoring power will last up to and perhaps beyond election day. More fatalities are expected as rescue workers continue to search for survivors.

Some of the damage reported in New York by various news outlets:

  • Seven subway tunnels under the East River are flooded. Service won’t be restored for at least a week. The worst damage to the subway system in its 108-year existence.
  • PATH train service between Manhattan and New Jersey is suspended for for 10 days.
  • Much of Hoboken, N.J., is underwater. Emergency workers are having problems getting to residents
  • A levee broke leaving New Jersey towns of Moonachie, Little Ferry, South Hackensack in six feet of water.
  • Oyster Creek nuclear power plant in New Jersey Monday night remains on high alert after rising waters exceeded certain high water level criteria.
  • A massive fire destroyed 50 Breezy Point home in Queens.
  • Those who refused to leave on Fire Island N.Y. saw  many of their homes swallowed up by the storm.
  • Thousands of flights have been cancelled. Many East Coast airports remain closed. Amtrak also cancelled all of its Northeast Corridor service.
  • New York University Medical Center backup generator went out. Patients facing life-threatening situations including infants were taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, Memorial Sloan-Kettering and New York Presbyterian Hospital.
In New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie said, “The level of devastation at the Jersey Shore is unthinkable. Houses are moved off their foundation, there are house in the middle of route 35.”

Meanwhile Maryland appears to have dodged the worst of the storm – although 300,000 still are without power, but all signs look to the state moving forward with mass transit possibly being available soon and early voting to resume Wednesday.  However, it still might take several days to restore power to thousands of customers left in the dark.

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