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The lifeblood of any business is its workers, but who helps and manages the workers. While most people might think the project managers and team leaders might be the main point of leadership and direction when it comes to people within a company. The first point of contact for new employees of any company is human resources. Human resources and human resources directors manage the hiring and boarding processes within a company. This means that human resources have a major influence on how a company will perform.

For human resource managers, the importance of their job is not lost on them. They work with a lot of people and their job requires a lot of experience, knowledge, and tools. The tools part of an HR directors’ job is often an overlooked portion of what they need to do their job. For C-level people in a business, it is essential to give these human resource directors the right tools and resources to complete their job. Without this, there will be issues with bringing in the right people. This can have a negative impact on many things including company culture, growth, sales, and profit. There are many tools that can be useful to HR managers, but some are more essential than others.

Tools for Human Resource Planning

While not as obvious as some hard tools, PDFs are very much an important part of an HR director’s work in a given day. They use PDFs as a means to create advertisements for jobs, send out contracts, or even make in-office announcements for things as mundane as a birthday party for Carol from accounting. Since human resource managers work with PDFs so often, another tool they need to have is a PDF editor. There are many different PDF editors available, and it should behoove a business to ensure that their HR manager has the best PDF editor available to make sure that their tasks are completed without any issue. Some of the major online PDF editors are Lumin PDF, Adobe Acrobat, PDF Element, and Smallpdf.

For many businesses, one of the main tools for data storage is G-Suite and by extension Google Drive. Google Drive is particularly helpful to HR professionals since they can use it to catalog potential hires and information about current employees. Being able to quickly access information about potential hires and current employees is an asset for HRs since this is who they primarily work with. Although there are other data storage systems available to HR managers, Google Drive is one of the most common. Another tool that can be worked with in regard to Google Drive is Lumin PDF. Lumin PDF is a PDF editor that provides direct access to documents in Google Drive. This means the human resource manager can quickly open and edit a prospective employee’s file and then save it back to Google Drive to be accessed later.

Performance Solutions

Although people often think of HRs in terms of hiring and firing (and this is largely true), there is more to their job than this. A lot of their job involves what their title suggests, humans. For Human resource managers, this process starts with the recruitment phase where they post job offers, vet potential candidates, read resumes, establish interviews and evaluate candidates based on their experience, credentials, and potential fit for the position and the company. This is a major part of company performance, but it is not the end for HR professionals when it comes to performance solutions.

HRs not only bring people into the company, but they also look after them and their collective morale while in the company. It falls on the head of human resources to also diffuse any potential problems in the workplace. This is not only about arguments but also about stopping sexual harassment and discrimination within the workforce. This is important because, without this, there could be some significant issues within the business. HRs often implement special performance solution systems within their department such as creating specific avenues for grievances to be aired. This avoids conflict and provides a legitimate means to resolve issues before they get out of hand.

Benefits management platform

Human resources directors often have a lot on their plate. One reason for this is that they are assigned to not only manage the people in the company as their title implies but also to manage their benefits system. Many companies provide benefits to their employees beyond salary and vacation days. One of these in the US is a 401K. A 401K is a retirement account that involves using a part of an employee’s salary as savings. This sometimes can be matched by the company, but it is the HR manager that oversees this in terms of how it affects employees.

Many companies also offer health insurance to their workers. This is great since it takes away from additional expenditures for the individual. HR often manages the health insurance scheme of the company and provides support to the workers when applying this benefit to their situation or even their families. HR directors wear many hats and fill a variety of roles in terms of personnel management in a company.

Keeping everything organized

The last thing HRs have to do and probably one of the most important is to keep it all together. They work with a lot of different information and fill many different niches. They do this by keeping journals, calendars, and PDF files relative to their work. For human resource professionals, keeping all of this information in the right place is a job by itself. This is why it is so important to give them the tools mentioned earlier such as online PDF editors and access to Google Drive.

For any job or career, having the right tools can be a big help, but for a role as vital as human resources, these are not only a help but critical for a company’s growth and survival. By giving the correct tools to the correct people, a business will have the opportunity to prosper and so will their employees.

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