How a 30-year-old Indian Entrepreneur is redefining the blockchain and crypto market trends

As the founder of India’s leading crypto eCommerce platform, Raghavendra Poojari has his finger on the pulse of new trends. In 2021, after acquiring substantial knowledge of the blockchain and crypto industry, Poojari spotted a gap in the buying and selling of ASIC machines and other cryptocurrency-related items and decided to fill it by creating a unique marketplace. He launched Mining Buddys – a ground-breaking firm that intends to disrupt the blockchain technology sector by providing businesses and individuals with tailored solutions.

Raghavendra Poojari (Courtesy photo)

“The last three to four years (have) been the time for introducing revolutionary solutions for the Indian public as the idea of digital currency and blockchain tech has been gaining a strong grip over the people, especially millennials.” Poojari, belonging to the same age group, understood the need to have a platform like Mining Buddys and quickly established it as one of India’s most reputable and secure stores. Mining Buddys have conducted over 1000 successful deliveries under Poojari’s direction within a year – which clearly indicates the fact that it is bound to expand and disrupt the market.

Poojari felt that choosing the right idea at the right time is going to be the key to building the next large crypto company – he expected the next wave to be in consumer products that make digital currencies more accessible in day-to-day life. And turns out, Poojari was right in his premise, and creating a marketplace for these products was definitely the right business choice. Naturally, Mining Buddys is not only redefining the course of the crypto industry in the Indian subcontinent it is also on the path to dominate specific markets.

Poojari in the coming year will develop a mobile app for this platform that will function on both iOS and Android devices. Lastly, it can be said that people like Raghavendra Poojari will determine India’s future when it comes to adopting new technology and trends. Whatever the case may be, it is certain that this burgeoning entrepreneur will undoubtedly disrupt the market in unrivaled ways and provide customized solutions that will make people’s lives easier and their investments safer.