How To Successfully Run Your Airbnb Property Business In Just One App

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Managing a company whether it is just a small start-up or a long-established sustainable business, requires a lot of effort and time. Even the most successful entrepreneurs with excellent time management skills and a supercomputer-like memory are not always able to simultaneously control every single one of hundreds of business processes, especially when they have several listings on different platforms.

Due to technological advances nowadays every business owner has an opportunity to have some powerful and useful tools to manage all of the most necessary business tasks just in one place right in their pockets. It doesn’t matter whether your phone has an Android or IOS platform, apps with different business management tools come out so often that you just can’t really keep up with new features. Smartphone apps developed for a specific purpose, like for example Hosty app for Airbnb hosts, will allow you not only to save money but also to provide a solid foundation in your business process to help you focus on goals, solutions, solving already existing problems and to make some appropriate needed adjustments just on time.

The Most Useful Tools In Business Management Software For Hosts

As it was already mentioned in the article before,a lot of business cases could be solved through your own smartphone. And here is a list of some of the most useful tools the Airbnb management apps provide their clients to help them run the business in a much easier way.

  • All Accounts in one. There is finally no need to log out and log in every time you want to check the information in different accounts because the tool helps you to view and to update the information in one place.  
  • Manage all your Listings. There are a lot of different platforms to advertise your apartment and a special Airbnb listing management tool allows you to access all of them to keep the information updated. View the information from different platforms in one click.
  • Reservations Management. It is extremely important to see and manage all the booking information from the apartments you host not to get in trouble with tenants. View all past and upcoming bookings, add them to the calendar, and organize as you wish.
  • Multi Calendar. With this tool, it became easier to sync calendars from different apartments and even accounts and to have all your guest’s stays on one screen.
  • One Inbox for all Accounts. Get in touch with your guests through one central inbox. It helps Airbnb hosts so much not to miss something very important.

Running your own business requires really a lot of effort because you have to accept challenges and at the same time to effectively manage all the business tasks to get a profitable result. Fortunately, today we have some useful technologies that allow us to manage all of this super easy and to save precious hours and nerves.

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