How to Read Body Language for Your Benefit in Both Personal and Professional Situations

The value of reading and understand body language can come as a huge advantage both in personal and professional situations. Not all cues to the way a person is thinking are going to be verbal. Body language is tough to fake while verbal speaking can make it much easier to detect a lie. Leveraging the ability to read body language needs to be done tactfully if even mentioned in professional situations. In personal situations reading body language can be done to tell if something is bothering a friend or family member. The following are tips and areas of life that reading body language can be a huge advantage.

First Dates

The ability to read body language on a first date can allow a person to continue the date or cut his or her losses ending the date early. Body language does not always make or break a first date but it can direct the conversation. Reading the body language of the person you are on the date with can allow you to see what piques their interest in conversation. This allows a person to help guide the conversation into more stimulating subject matter for both parties involved. If a person starts fidgeting during a specific topic steer away from this as it could be making them uncomfortable. Fidgeting with hands can be a sign of nerves though so look for a notable change in body language. Do not confuse disinterest as rude as people simply could care less about certain topics. Topics to avoid can also be seen through body language as a furrowed brow after making a statement can be a good indication to avoid this subject for the remainder of the date.

Family Holidays/Gatherings

For those people with large families or those who live long distances from their families, it can be months or even years between reunions and gatherings. Body language can allow a person to see which family members are not getting along. This could incorporate a lack of eye contact or even a person avoiding the presence of another completely. As a host of one of these gatherings this can make it much easier to make seating arrangements for family meals. Touchy subjects can be seen through the body language of one family member or multiple members. Reunions are meant to be fun instead of delving into deep issues in the family that have gone on for years. Use your literacy of body language to keep everyone happy and eliminate quarrels if present. Look for clenched teeth when a certain individual is talking and you could see how many people have an issue with the person or what is being said.

Sales Situations

Being able to read the body language of a sales prospect can do a myriad of things. A person who is a experienced negotiator will try to hide interest in order to get the best deal possible as far as price goes. Pick up on nonverbal cues to see which product or package seems to interest them the most. Even a glimmer in the eyes or a change in position while seated can be an indication of what the prospect wants to buy. Words might say one thing but body language rarely lies!

Poker Games

Poker games are the perfect place to test body language fluency but it can be difficult. In other situations people are not trying to hide their emotions or even their eyes while this is prevalent in poker. Fortunately for those people who are just starting to understand body language a lot of poker players have a “tell.” This could be a twitch or even the way chips are played with that tell whether the player is bluffing or is betting on a great hand. Besides the rules of poker, being able to read opponents could be the most important variable in being a proficient poker player. Players that are regulars at your weekly poker game might have a tell, don’t let them know you found it and continue to rack up the winnings!

These are only a few of the many situations where reading body language can be a huge advantage. Research how to better translate body language to see if you have been reading body language all along without even realizing it!