How to Organize Your Life Before a Round-the-World Trip

With global travel more accessible than ever before, a diverse range of adventurers from the US opt to quit their jobs and leave their homes each year in search of the world’s many wonders and secrets. Whether they’re young or old, those who undertake a round-the-world trip often don’t put a specific timescale on their voyage – and some even don’t know whether they will return home. In this article, and in light of the momentous decision you’re taking to up sticks and head out into the world, you’ll learn how to best organize your life before you head off on your first flight into the unknown.

Financial Affairs

You cannot conduct a round-the-world trip without having some cash in the bank to support yourself. There can be nothing more terrifying than running out of money halfway around the world in a place that you’re not familiar with, so it’s best to really conduct a thorough audit of your finances before you head off.

Money on the Road

There are two other factors to consider when taking this long and exciting journey: how will you pay for things along the way, and will you be able to work freelance, remotely, or in any capacity on your travels? Regarding the first point, you should find an international, widely-accepted debit or credit card that offers excellent international fees. And for the latter, you will be able to support your travels for a far longer period of time if you can earn on the road, so look into your options before heading off on your adventure.

Leave Home

Are you living with your parents as a young person, or do you rent a property that you’re looking forward to leaving, saving yourself that rental cash each and every month? In either case, this is your chance to sever ties with property, and to lock up your belongings in self storage for whenever you happen to return to the US. Be sure to understand the pricing of different facilities before you make your decision to self-store.

Pack Wisely

Your adventure is going to be very different from a vacation. You’re going to need to live out of the bag that you pack, and, if you’re backpacking, you’re going to want to make sure you’re carrying as little weight as possible. Pack tactically in order to make the most out of your storage, while keeping yourself mobile for the duration of your trip. You can find some excellent packing guides online to help you tick everything off before you fly.

Book a Flight

Round-the-world trips can seem like the most difficult, craziest journeys, and for some, simply making that first step can seem impossible. Should you fly all the way to China, and work your way back to the US, or should you gently travel through Mexico and South America before hopping into a new continent? You’ll not get anywhere deliberating; the advice here is to book your ticket and get out there on your once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

These five tips will help you get yourself away for your worldwide adventure, planned and ready for the fun you’re going to experience across the globe.