How to maintain a wax vaporizer

Vaporizer maintenance doesn’t only allow you to extend the lifespan of your device but it also is one of the key factors which will keep your wax vaporizer running at its peak performance. You can also avoid some of the most common problems by following these simple and easy steps on how you can maintain you wax vaporizer.

Maintenance Routine

One thing to remember is that vaporizer maintenance involves building a routine – a habit. By following and familiarizing yourself with a regimen that entails care and safekeeping of your vaporizer, you can easily maintain your device without having to see the entire process as a tasking or a demanding procedure.

Here are some maintenance procedures you can incorporate in your daily vaping activity:

1. Proper Charging Habits

Almost all portable vaporizers (even new desktop units) use rechargeable batteries as a permanent or a temporary power source. Given that today’s breed of vaporizers run on batteries one way of taking care of your entire vaporizer health is by taking good care of your batteries.

One of the most impacting behavior in this area is your charging habit. It’s true that you have to check your batteries physically from time to time. You might want to look for peeled battery skins and bloating to prevent major issues but one easy way of ensuring battery health is by forming a good habit when charging.

Check the user manual and look for how long you should be charging your vaporizer batteries, some of the most common causes of battery degradation are through overcharging. Once you get into the habit of properly charging your vaporizer, you’re sure to enjoy safer vaping sessions and longer battery life.

2. Properly Turning the Vaporizer Off When Not in Use

Another habit to build is to ensure that your wax vaporizer is properly turned off when not in use. This is true especially with portable wax vaporizers that have tactile control buttons. One of the most common reasons wax vaporizer cause burns or explosions is because they’re left accidentally firing. Pressing the control-power button too long may cause unnecessary flow of heat on the atomizer. Although atomizers are designed to heat up your materials, pressing them too long may cause many kinds of dangers, especially when they accidentally fire inside your bag or in your pocket.

Make sure to properly turn your vaporizer off when not in use.


There’s actually a lot to it than the simple idea of having a clean vaporizer. Regular cleaning can eliminate all sorts of hazards and will extend the lifespan of your vaporizer.

Here are some simple ways you can use to clean your wax vaporizer.

1. Clearing the air holes

A common issue amongst wax vaporizers is a clogged air hole/air path. This happens when you pack too much wax into your atomizer, the liquefied wax can spill out of the atomizer and enter the holes where the air passes through. This can cause a tight draw and will allow less air to enter the atomizer.

You can clear the air holes or air path by blowing into the mouthpiece. Just make sure that you let it cool down first. This will also help you get rid of any excess debris that might clog the mouthpiece or any air path in the vaporizer.

2. The burn-off

Because wax can be melted once heated and can enter solid state again once it cools down, wax vaporizers are more prone to resin and residue build-up than herb vaporizers. A good way to clean off any leftover wax concentrate is by running short pulses on your vaporizer to allow the remaining wax to evaporate.

Do not inhale the vapors produced when cleaning off residue as it may have already accumulated dirt and bacteria that might mix in with the vapors. Select the highest heat setting on your vaporizer and allow it to run for a few cycles. If you’re using a portable vaporizer or a wax pen, you can turn it upside down to let unused and leftover wax flow outside of the atomizer.

3. Taking an alcohol bath

While we’re in the topic of wax pen vaporizers, a good way of cleaning and maintaining wax pen coils is by submerging them in isopropyl alcohol. Here’s how you do it. First, dip your atomizers in a basin filled with alcohol. Next, leave the atomizers for a minimum of 30 minutes. After which, you can remove the atomizers and let them dry. Also, if you happen to use a container with a lid on it, you can gently shake the atomizers while inside the alcohol-filled container. This helps remove any hardened resin or blackened particles that have piled up or have developed in the coil. After the coils have dried out, you can wipe it down to dry. Make sure that you let the atomizer run a few cycles first before dropping a glob of wax concentrate as some of the chemicals in the alcohol might make its way into the vapor.

4. Drying the connections

If you’ve noticed that your vaporizer no longer fires as hard as it used to be or is becoming inconsistent, chances are, the connections might be dirty.

Smudges can hinder or even prevent the proper flow of electricity resulting in inconsistent heating and the overall decline in performance. You can simply wipe the connections of your wax vaporizer with a clean dry cloth and remove any grime from the metallic contacts. Liquefied wax can make its way inside some of the connections and cause all sorts of problems when they dry up. Make sure you regularly clean your connections to prevent running into these issues.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to take care of your wax vaporizer helps you enjoy your investment longer. If you want a high-quality vaporizer that requires less maintenance, Yocan Evolve XL is a great option. Stay updated with all the latest vaporizer products, news, and trends only at VapeActive.