How to choose a dab pen that will last

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Dab pens have been a vital part of the evolution of cannabis concentrate consumption. This small yet crucial device allows vaporization of wax concentrates without the hassle of using a desktop rig. Desktop rigs or dab rigs are bigger devices that require more complex preparation than that of a wax pen. Wax pens provided a new window for inexperienced users to enjoy wax consumption since they will no longer have to face the daunting task of setting up a dab rig. Moreover, dab pens have offered consumers a torch-less means of consuming wax concentrates – something even advanced and experienced users appreciates.

Apart from being a compact and portable alternative, dab pens from known manufacturers like Dr. Dabber have been a dependable companion for consumers who use cannabis concentrates for medical and curative purposes. Dab pens provide medicating patients with easy access to their medical cannabis to help them manage pain, alleviate swelling, deal with anxiety and even depression.

Because of how deb pens made wax consumption medical cannabis delivery easier and all the more popular, many companies have started to manufacture and develop products in this platform. The proliferation of wax pen vaporizers has introduced dab pens that were made with cheaper and sub-par components. You can now find dab pens that are surprisingly cheap but will not perform nearly as good as they were designed nor function as they’re supposed to. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best things to look for to make sure that you can find a dab pen that will last.

Let’s begin.

1. Find a reputable brand

If you want a dab pen that will give you your money’s worth, make sure you buy from a reputable brand. Vape companies invest serious money to establish their brand. This includes paying good money for advanced vape technology, proper equipment for manufacturing, professional workers, and of course, high-quality components.

Dab pens made from high-quality materials often times last longer than their expected life span. Using cheap and shoddy components not only means that the company manufacturing your dab pen does not pay attention to the overall quality of their product but it also means that they do not care about your overall safety. Since dab pens run on batteries that are portable sources of electricity, components that break and malfunction put you in danger. Dab pens that use cheap batteries, charging cables and other electrical circuitry may cause the device to explode. Not only does dab pens from shady companies break and crash faster but they’re also more susceptible to misfiring or exploding causing more harm than good.

2. Look for a rubberized exterior

In terms of durability, a dab pen with a rubberized exterior proves to be more durable that devices that are made from poor plastic or cheap metal. Here are some examples of why a rubberized exterior will prove beneficial to a dab pen.

  • It prevents slippage
  • It absorbs impact
  • It acts as an insulator
  • It wards off heat
  • It keeps sweat and other liquids away from the dab pen

The reason why most consumers invest in rubber cases and other rubberized accessories to act as cases for their portable vaporizers and dab pens is because it prevents it from slipping away from their hands. Rubber adds and provides you with that much-needed grip – especially if you’ve got flimsy and sweaty hands.

Should you accidentally drop your dab pen, the rubberized exterior will not only absorb the impact from the fall but will also prevent any minor dents or scratches that would otherwise be a pain to remove. Furthermore, the rubber will act as an insulator to keep the heat from the battery nor the heat from the palm of your hands from adding up. It also keeps away the sweat and other drops of liquid from causing all kinds of problems.

3. Search for magnetic connections

Magnets aren’t new tech. You’ll find many vaporizers with some kind of magnetic connections that link some parts or components together. It’s good if you can find a dab pen with an all-magnetic connection. Unlike threaded connections, magnetic links will not get loose or wear off quickly. Also, it will make reloading and maintenance a breeze.

4. Go for a dab pen with a higher battery capacity

Dab pens that have higher battery capacities will prove to be more beneficial not only because they present more power but they will require you to recharge your dab pen less frequent. Frequent charging will not only wear off the ports that link the battery and the charging cable but will also cause your battery to work harder.

Battery bloating can be a serious problem, it may cause the battery inside the dab pen to leak and inflict all kinds of havoc. Not surprisingly, one of the main causes of bloating in batteries is overcharging. In most cases, this happens because a dab pen can only take in so little charge that you recharge your dab pen so often that you forget that it’s charging and you leave if there longer than its recommended charging time.

Dab pens with higher battery capacities will not only provide you with longer vaping sessions but will also allow you to establish better-charging habits.

5. Check for reviews

Finally, if you really want some reliable information about how durable a dab pen is, you might want to check out online reviews. Reviews come in different forms, some of the most popular sources are blogs and video reviews. Take your time to read articles and watch online videos to find what particular vaporizer brand and model is durable enough to match your lifestyle.

You might also want to visit online forums that discuss dab pens and even vaporizers in general. Their threads will give you an idea what brand, company, online seller, and the manufacturer makes good products based on the reviews and experiences of actual users.

Final words

Finding a durable dab pen can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to look and what to look for. These five quick and easy tips will help you get the vaporizer depending on your needs. Good luck and may you find the dab pen that will last you a lifetime.