How to improve your PrestaShop website

Are you sure your e-commerce shop has all the necessary features suitable for your product? Does your website design reflect the concept your business strives to message to the audience? Or maybe you have forgotten about the upcoming holidays that are to be in place on your e-commerce platform to embrace the festive mood welcoming customers. Well, armed with great and inspiring PrestaShop Themes and its top-of-the-line Modules, it can turn your webstore into a powerful and appealing one. To occupy the leading positions in the present-day digital world, any business should always stay up to date and differentiate itself with customized and innovative tools bolstered by polished customer’s experience. PrestaShop is a modern open-source solution proved to be a trusted platform providing effective CMS, robust security, smooth operation and the opportunity to develop any time you come up with a better idea.

No matter what platform your business performs on, up to 90% of online shoppers consider the graphics to be the major reassuring factor to proceed on a particular website. Well, PrestaShop Themes and Modules are of quite a good help to address the challenge to make your website stand out and launch the exciting journey toward the rocky peak of sales and conversion rates.

How BelVG commits to scale up your e-commerce business? With the help of a devoted team of certified experts and knowledgeable web designers, we apply our best practices of UX/UI to find the template that perfectly reflects your idea and style. Aside from a great variety of stylish themes now we work with 38 PrestaShop 1.6 and PrestaShop 1.7 themes from. Each of them was created to ensure visual satisfaction to fit any taste. Selecting from laconic light-colored DigitalBox PrestaShop 1.6 Theme to minimalistic and stunning Sellon Prestashop 1.7 Responsive Theme, there is no way you would not choose the perfect match for your industry to catch the clients on-the-go.

However, reaching a solid number of customers is not just enough to take the lead on the market. Let’s be honest: if somebody resorts to online shopping, they are willing to save our precious time, so customers are not going to spend even an additional minute on some processing issues, they rather opt for another webstore with multiple functions and easier checkout. At this point, BelVG team have a lot to offer. We have a range of more than 100 modules aiming at making your website a home sweet home for most loyal online shoppers that consequently bring a significant share to your bank account. Altogether, our team is ready to make good time to analyze your website thoroughly to find the gap that can be bridged with top practical and useful module features like:

  • pre-pay and pre-order option for out-of-stock products;

  • waiting list module for both registered and guests;

  • notification email templates that can be customized to upgrade the communication;

  • a Waiting list tab in customer and admin accounts where the preordered status can be tracked by both;

  • the countdown to the moment when the item becomes available;

  • multistore availability.

Implementing customizable modules will positively impact website accessibility and optimize traffic. In our shop, you can try even free PrestaShop modules that will become the first step on the road to success. Moreover, we never leave our clients to chance. BelVG is result-oriented, thus we always provide support (that is free for the whole first year) and conduct configuration of the addons being installed to make sure the brand benefits from our work.

Still doubt? Visit our website to find out how we can contribute to the development of the business and polish up your e-commerce shop with flying colors. Let’s get things done right!