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How to Get More Leads from Your Website in 2020

Your website is one of your most essential and powerful tools, and every business owner uses their website differently.  Some use it to effectively generate immediate revenue through e-commerce sales while, others use it to generate leads, physical location visits, or phone calls.

However, the goal of any business website is the same: leverage it in such a way to generate growth. There are many ways to increase leads, revenue, and sales without having to invest in a completely new rebuild and design.

Consider the three different ways to increase leads using your website — while simple, they could help your business expand significantly.

Use Website Visitor Identification Software

Did you know that over 98% of visitors leave your website without getting into contact with you? That is a vast potential market that is not being addressed. These are people that have landed on your website, looked around, and very likely sought interest.

You must identify your website users to understand your market and, more importantly, to follow-up with them. The right platform can identify visitors’ exact company, title, and their geographical location.

Look for a software platform that partners with Google Analytics to perform ID reversal — every site uses Google anyway, so why not pair with a team that works with them?

When you can identify the location, specific company, and other pertinent information about anonymous website visitors, you can generate leads, create broader brand awareness, and establish a larger target audience for your business.

Perform a Conversion Audit

The reality is, many web design companies are great at creating visually appealing websites, but they’re not conversion rate experts. If you perform a full-blown conversion audit on your website, it’s well worth the small out-of-pocket expense.

Also referred to as a website review, a conversion audit looks at your site from the angle of your customers — pinpointing the areas that need improvement to strengthen your conversion rate.

Utilize the Power of a Live Chat

Many business owners assume that live chat is designed specifically for websites that attempt to generate e-commerce sales. Of course, pre-purchase questions can certainly help save sales and chat operators can encourage consumers toward a sale, but every website can benefit from this tool, including B2Bs.

They help you enhance the percentage of website traffic converting to marketing, sales, qualified leads, and customers. They serve as a primary source to educate your prospects and to build trust and rapport.

One of its most appealing factors is that it engages with traffic in real-time. People tend to prefer a personal touch and appreciate the ability to interact with a human being in real-time.

Live chat does exactly this, as it gives the impression that there’s an individual waiting and ready to help them, whether it’s to find more information or to have a question answered.

All of these tips are important, but the key to generating leads on your website is to work with the right website visitor identification platform. It will get the ball rolling on your lead generation and provide insightful follow-up information on potential customers.

This New Year, consider these suggestions and, your lead generation will soar.

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