How to Find Cute Plus Size Work Attire

For plus size ladies everywhere, finding cute work attire that fits correctly, looks great, and is comfortable is nothing less than a challenge. Most department stores don’t offer anything that’s worth buying in plus sizes if you’re lucky enough to find a plus-size section separate from maternity clothes. Finding cute plus size work attire is no longer a science, and as long as you follow these great tips and check out the plus size outlets we’ll be discussing, you should be able to meet all of your work attire needs affordably and stylishly. Keep reading to learn more about finding cute plus size work attire online.

Know Your Work’s Dress Code

Knowing the dress code at work is the first step to choosing the right clothing. If you work in an office, a stylish cocktail dress probably isn’t’ the best option for daily attire, but a pencil skirt and blouse can be; provided it’s allowed at your workplace. This is a business casual look and is normally allowed in most office settings, but be sure to check the employee handbook or ask your supervisor if this look is allowed by the dress code.

Knowing your dress code will ensure you won’t be taking your new clothes back for returns or exchanges, keeps you in good standing with management, and provides you with a more focused direction for how you want to dress. Don’t fight the dress code, as you’ll likely lose. Follow the code carefully; there are plenty of options in the designer plus size fashion world for work attire.

Choose High-End Brands

Once you know your dress code, you can choose some of the best plus size brands on the market. Unfortunately, plus size clothing is only just starting to catch on in department and clothing stores, with many major brands offering full plus size clothing lines for the first time in their history. While this is great news, while the department and mall-style clothing stores are playing catch-up, designer plus size brands like 11 Honore and Torrid have been making waves in the industry for years.

These brands offer everything from formal wear for special occasions to intimates to workwear and everything in between.

11 Honore

When you choose plus size fashion for work from 11 Honore, you’re getting access to some of the best designers and brands available on the plus-size market. 11 Honore is your go-to for high-end fashion choices, and you’ll find more than your fair share of trendy work clothes. Everything from stylish blouses and skirts to bottoms and shoes can be found in the online marketplace, created by designers who offer a deep understanding of plus size shapes and sizes. Not all plus size ladies are shaped the same, and 11 Honore offers plenty of options for a variety of sizes and shapes.


 Luvmemore takes a more compassionate approach to the plus-size industry, with a huge focus on the idea that all women, regardless of size or shape, should be able to feel beautiful in their own skin. Personally, we love this idea, and Luvmemore has plenty of plus size clothing options for work, formal occasions, and casual outings alike. If you’re looking for a brand that cares, you’ve found it with Luvmemore. 


Eloquii is another plus-size brand worth mentioning. With endless options, a commitment to quality and service, and a brand name that’s becoming a staple in the plus-size world, Eloquii is one of the best sources for plus size work attire and more.


Look and feel great with Torrid’s impressive lineup of plus size clothing. You’ll find everything you need to iron out your work attire; from blouses and tops to stylish and comfortable bottoms including skirts and khaki pants. Whether you’re buying for everyday work settings or a formal work party, Torrid’s got you covered with quality and customer service and plenty to choose from.


ModCloth is a favorite among plus size ladies, offering a variety of styles, prices, and comfortable options for up to size 30. This all-encompassing brand also adheres to the philosophy that all women should feel beautiful, and with its impressive selection, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at a price you can get behind.

Know Your Measurements and Shape

Perhaps the most important factor in choosing plus size work clothing is your shape and size. Not all size 20 clothing fits every body shape the same way, so you’ll want to be certain of both your size and shape when you’re looking for work clothes. The last thing you want is to find that perfect outfit, only to find that despite being in your size, it simply doesn’t fit right. Get yourself measured and figure out what your body shape is, and you’ll be able to find exactly the right clothing for your body’s needs.