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There’s no doubt about it. Domestic violence is an issue people shouldn’t take lightly. It has become a prevalent problem for many families in the United States where half of all intimate partners of both genders will experience psychological aggression of some form, according to the Office of Justice Programs.

In some cases, however, psychological aggression can also take the form of a false accusation. This usually happens when partners resort to using existing family laws to coerce their spouses for financial gain. When you’re on the receiving end of a domestic violence lawsuit, you can either stand your ground and prove your innocence or watch as you lose your job and your freedom.

That said, here’s a guide on what to do if you’re falsely accused of domestic violence.

1. Secure your finances and valuables

In most cases, people accused of domestic violence are confident that their partners won’t be moving forward with the lawsuit. However, there’s always the risk of having their credit cards, cash, and other valuables stolen. If this happens, those who will try to defend themselves in court will be in a difficult position to retrieve these items and, worse, build a stronger case in their favor.

2. Talk to your family about the case

Not being able to notify your family members ahead of the lawsuit will also make it harder for you to set up a strong defense. There’s always the risk of isolating your family and steering them towards the other party. That said, it’s always a good idea to sit down with your family and open up about current problems in your relationship or other factors such as harmful behavior that may have led your partner towards falsely accusing you of domestic violence.

3. Protect your identity and social media accounts

If you’re used to leaving your IDs and other documents bearing your personal information out in the open, you might want to store them in places where your partner won’t get hold of them and use them to box you in. You should also update the login information of your social media accounts to prevent your partner from manufacturing messages that could be used as evidence against you.

4. Gather evidence

Domestic violence cases are almost always skewed in favor of the alleged victims. The best way you can turn the tables around is to provide well-documented evidence showing that you’re the actual victim in this case. You may show medical records indicating physical abuse and threatening messages from your partner. These should dismantle the case that’s lodged against you.

5. Hire the right attorney to represent you

Your best defense against a dubious domestic violence lawsuit is to look for the right legal expert who can fill you in on the trickiest details of family law in your state. Delaware, for one, has clear statutes covering domestic violence, so it’s an advantage if you are able to find an experienced attorney who understands these provisions. If you live in Seattle, then you should look for a Washington DUI law firm that can educate you about your rights in domestic violence and how you can come out as the winner.

Getting accused of domestic violence can cause irreparable damage on your part, so use the guide above to bail yourself out of this trap.

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