How to create a romantic meal

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Whether you are cooking a meal to impress a new date or to surprise a long-term partner, a home-cooked meal is more than providing nourishment. It’s a display of your creativity and your ability to provide, and it is far more powerful than your capacity to produce a credit card in a restaurant. Here’s a guide to creating a romantic meal that is remembered for all the right reasons.


The timing of your planned romantic meal is crucial. For a very new relationship, the prospect of a romantic meal may seem a little premature; after all, there are no other distractions to keep the conversation flowing, so save your cooking until you are sure that this relationship has some mileage in it. Not only will this mean that you don’t come across as a bit creepy, but you will have a greater idea of your date’s likes and tastes. You do not want to prepare a meal that triggers allergies and reactions.

Plan your meal’s time realistically. There is no merit in inviting a date over for a meal at 7.30 pm if you don’t get home from work until half an hour before. Order the groceries online so that you know you’ll have the right ingredients. Order your alcohol from an online liquor store so that you have fewer things to worry about on the day too.

You will need adequate time to prepare and cook the food, but also to get you and your home spruced up. A tight schedule will make you feel stressed before you’ve even started preparing the meal.

Know Your Limits

You may have fantastic ideas for the meal, but you need to know your culinary limits. The recipe that you choose should match your skills. Yes, some folk are capable of masterpieces, but if you don’t fall into this category, don’t sweat. Choose a recipe that you can confidently accomplish. Remember, your date will be happy just by the fact that they don’t have to cook themselves, and they won’t be expecting cordon bleu.

The Fine Details

The delivery of your meal is important, and it’s the fine attention details that can change an average meal into a great success. The key is to not make your date feel like this is your standard romantic meal routine for new love interests (even if it is).

Make sure that the crockery, cutlery, and glasses are not only clean, but you have set the table with appropriate tableware. Always provide a napkin and if you are using candles, you need to ensure that they give adequate light so that your date can see what they are eating!

Food has long been used to excite the senses, which is why it can be a nerve-inducing venture, especially if the kitchen is the least used room in your house. However, the meal’s ingredients are only half of the challenge, the sentiments and the delivery are truly what makes a meal romantic.