A guide to steel toe footwear

Steel toed boots and shoes protect your feet from injury. However, these shoes do not need to be uncomfortable. The following five tips will help you find the most comfortable steel toed shoe to keep your feet feeling great all day long.

Make sure that your CAT boots are the correct length. One of the most common mistakes that people make when they buy a pair of steel toed shoes is to purchase a pair that is too short and too wide. When you try on a pair of steel toe boots and you can feel your toes rubbing the steel toe, you automatically assume that you need a wider boot. However, you typically need a longer steel toe boot. You want a boot that is the proper width; however, if you purchase a wider shoe rather than the proper length, the boot will be uncomfortable. Your foot will slide forward and cause your toes to feel cramped. Try a longer pair of steel toe boots to pull your toes away from the end of the steel toe shoe. You will immediately notice a difference in your comfort level.

To ensure your feet are comfortable inside your steel toe footwear, you need to wear the right type of sock. A good sock that is specifically designed for steel toe boots and shoes will make a big difference. If you wear a cheap sock and have the best pair of steel toe boots or shoes, your feet will still hurt. A great pair of socks is not cheap; however, they are worth the money. These socks for steel toe footwear provide you with extra cushion where you need it. Once you have tried a pair of these socks, you will not want to wear any other type of sock.

Purchase a pair of aftermarket insoles for your steel toe boots. When you purchase these insoles, make sure they fit your boots properly. Aftermarket insoles provide the comfort and support that you need in your steel toe boots. Research the different types of aftermarket insoles before you buy. Then, take your boots with you when you go shopping. This will allow you to try on your boots with the insoles inside. If the insoles in your steel toe footwear can be removed, remove them and replace them with the premium aftermarket insoles. You should expect to spend between $18 and $30 for a high-quality pair of aftermarket insoles. A cheap pair of insoles will actually make your shoes more uncomfortable.

Buy a high-quality pair of steel toe boots or steel toe shoes. Avoid purchasing your steel toe footwear at a big box retailer. If you need a pair of steel toe boots for a few days or just need to wear them a few times a month, you may be okay buying a less expensive pair of steel toe footwear; however, if you will be wearing your shoes eight to twelve hours a day for five or more days a week, you should expect to pay a premium price. Steel toe boots will cost approximately $110 to $180, and a pair of steel toe shoes will cost approximately $85 to $130. Your shoes are one of your most important tools; therefore, you want to ensure you get the best. High quality steel toe boots or shoes will ensure your foot is comfortable and properly protected. Finally, make sure that your boots are made of leather rather than man-made materials. High quality steel toe footwear does not have to cost a fortune because, after a certain amount, you are paying for extra features. Stay away from cheap steel toe footwear. For a valuable pair of steel toe boots that will keep you comfortable.

Purchase broad steel toe footwear. For most people, choosing broad steel toe boots or shoes is the solution. These boots and shoes provide your toes with plenty of room because the steel toe cap is extra high and wide. These boots are quite different than those you would find 15 years ago.

Steel toe boots and shoes are lighter and more comfortable than those of the past. Add a pair of socks specially designed for steel toe footwear, and purchase aftermarket insoles to keep your feet comfortable while wearing steel toe footwear.