How to Choose the Right Home Security System

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These days everyone is more and more concerned with security. Home security companies are working hard to prevent and protect more and more homes from house invasion. In this piece, we will be providing a helpful guide to choosing the best home security systems for your home.

Let’s jump in.

#1: DIY vs. The Pros

The first thing to consider is installation. When it comes to home security systems today, advanced tech is not only making security systems more accessible but also easy to install without professionals.

You can actually save money by choosing one of these DIY installations. With this type of install, expect a wireless system that can be adhered to any location in your home. If you prefer, you can always choose a professional installation service. Of course, this does cost more but some people appreciate having people with the tech expertise doing the setup.

Another part of the installation is the monitoring process. This can also be done by the homeowner, but it does involve a huge amount of work and comes with its own risk. Most people opt for professionals for monitoring as they can provide a 24/7 service, as well as first responders, who can be dispatched right away in case of an emergency.

#2: Contract Requirements

Depending on your needs having a contract and what the requirements of the contract will be, should be a top priority. Much like other businesses such as mobile, fitness, and other services, you can install no-contract home security systems.

One example is Abode.

This home security system is known for being adaptable and intuitive. You can add third-party integrations and more security devices easily. Abode also offers a DIY option to save on installation costs and monitoring choices as well. Since it has no contract, many people find Abode a great starter option with no strings attached.

Other more well-known home security systems like ADT only offer long-term contracts although it does offer many other important features including a $500 cash deductible in case of a break-in while using their product.

#3: Cost

Money is always a consideration and as mentioned you don’t have to pay a lot to get a lot.  Typically the systems that don’t carry contracts will be in the higher monthly price range while those with long contracts like Vivint, for example, will be as low as $30 a month.

The systems with contracts also include professional installation and monitoring, while those without tend to offer more DIY options. This is a personal decision and each homeowner should review all the options carefully. Companies like Home Security offer at-a-glance details for various home security systems.

Wrap Up

When considering a home security system, do your research. There are so many options today that allow a homeowner to create their own security system. From DIY-installation to monitoring, contract-free options, there are a lot of choices. Consider each carefully when deciding how best to protect your home and family.