How to Be a Better Organized Entrepreneur

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Things can get chaotic and hectic fast for entrepreneurs who run fast-paced businesses or those who run more than one business. When things get this complicated, staying organized can take a back seat to getting things done. However, this does not have to be the case and that is why we are going to look at some tips that can help you stay organized as a busy entrepreneur.

Find Tools That Work for You

Managing time is essential because wasted time is one of the major reasons why things get out of control. Managing time as a busy entrepreneur can be made easier by finding and using tools that work for you. For example, you can use an email service that lets you prioritize certain emails so you can take care of them and get them out of the way as fast as possible. You can also combine your email and calendar apps so you get email notifications when something comes up on your calendar.

Other tools that can come in handy include note-taking or to-do applications that let you manage and allot time to different tasks so you can keep track of them.

Learn How to Batch Tasks

If you have a lot of similar tasks to get through, you can choose a time and day to sit down and work on all of them at once. That is known as batching. For example, you can set a few hours at the end of the week to work on emails that you did not prioritize during the week but that still need your attention.

Doing this frees you from the constant bombardment of things you have to do which can derail you from what is most important and make things messy.

Get Professional Help

If you run more than one business or want to start multiple businesses, you may need professional help to keep things organized. Incorporating all of the businesses you would like to start as well as getting all the documentation you need to start and complete the process can be tedious, time-consuming, and pull your focus away from actually running the business or handling other important tasks such as finding funding for your businesses.

Fortunately, there are full-service companies that can help you take care of things like incorporating a limited liability company or a corporation, bookkeeping, banking, or getting proper business licensing. Incfile is a very good choice as they offer these and many more startup services so you can focus on actually running the business.

Have a List of Goals and Work on It

Having clear direction is another great way of staying organized. Having a list of goals you want to accomplish makes you realize what is important and what is not. Disorganization makes it harder to reach these goals but if you have them in front of you and decide to just go ahead and deal with them, getting things under control and achieving these goals becomes easier.

Also, remember to work on one or two goals at a time. Working on too many things at once will lead to the disorganization you are trying to get away from creeping back.

Learn to Delegate

As with working on one goal at a time, working on too many things at once makes things more complicated than they should be and you might not end up accomplishing anything. To help you keep things moving, hire the right people and delegate to them the tasks they can handle.

It is also vital that you learn to trust those you delegate to. If you do not, you might keep checking up on them and that might take you away from what’s important.

Treat Your Phone as an Asset

Almost all entrepreneurs have a phone they always have with them. This phone can be an asset if used right. Start by selecting the most important apps for you and have them prominently on the homepage. These might be your calendar, email, tasks app, notes app, or any other apps that are important in keeping you organized.


Becoming a better-organized entrepreneur will help your business in lots of different ways. When starting this process, find out what is holding you back, such as not using the tools available or taking on too many tasks at once, and find ways to rectify it.