How People Like Michael Giuffrida Help Startup Businesses Perform Better

Michael Giuffrida has helped startup organizations in Hartford and Southington, CT become successful. He has built an impressive career on this, particularly because he is always open and honest with prospective clients. The reality is that starting a new business means there are many hurdles and most won’t be able to overcome those. Competition, lack of time, resources, and talent, and an inability to come up with something truly fresh and new are just some of the things people have to deal with. However, he has five golden tips to help people have a bigger chance of being successful with their startup organizations. These aren’t geographically bound, so those outside of Hartford and Southington can equally apply them.

Michael Giuffrida’s 5 Tips to Increase Efficiency

  1. All startup businesses must have a clear focus. Those who are distracted by things that aren’t really essential are also the most likely to waste their precious resources. It is vital, therefore, that they have a defined purpose ahead of them and that they stick to that. They must, with every action they take, ask themselves whether it is an essential task for their core business. If the answer is no, the task should not be completed.
  2. Startups must attract the right talent to their organization. When the right people run things, they will work properly. Those who found startup organizations have limited time and, while they know a lot, they do not know it all. They simply can’t correct every mistake and helicopter manage every employee. Instead, they need to be creating opportunities. This is done by attracting a team of people that is encouraged to work effectively. It is about being inclusive and trusting, but also by being direct and having a clear vision.
  3. Founders should identify the proper process. They have to be flexible in what they do, but that is only possible if there is at least some structure. This, again, ensures that others know what is expected of them as well.
  4. Key metrics and outcomes should be identified. It can be very difficult to reach a point without defining what that point is. Startups should have targets in place that others can work towards. At the same time, metrics have to be implemented that allow progress towards goals to be measured. It can be difficult to truly quantify certain operations, but some data has to be put in place to measure progress. Of course, data is always subjective and certainly not the be all and end all of all that is worked towards.
  5. Key milestones have to be identified. Startup businesses are some of the most complex around and creating a schedule is almost impossible. However, the more time that goes by, the more resources that are used. Additionally, the competition is doing all they can to be better. Hence, it is important to have at least some milestones in place to ensure the company is moving in the right direction.